Israeli, Lebanese troops exchange tear gas on border


Israeli and Lebanese troops exchanged tear gas fire on the border between Lebanon and the Israeli-occupied Shebaa Farms, the two armies said.

The Israeli army said its troops used "riot dispersal means" to turn around a Lebanese earthmover that had allegedly strayed into Israeli-held territory.

The Lebanese Army said it was Israel which violated the demarcation line and fired smoke bombs at its troops escorting the bulldozer.

The demarcation line in the Shebaa Farms area where the stand-off took place has been disputed by successive Lebanese governments which have argued that the area is Lebanese and should have been returned by Israel when it pulled out of the rest of south Lebanon in 2000.

Israel argues the area is part of the Golan Heights, which it captured from Syria in the Six-Day War of 1967 and later annexed in a move never recognized by the United Nations.

Following Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon, there were repeated clashes in the area between Israeli troops and fighters of Hezbollah which culminated in a devastating war in 2006, and the area remains highly militarized.

"Earlier today, (Israeli) soldiers spotted an engineering vehicle's shovel crossing the (U.N.-demarcated) Blue Line from Lebanon into Israeli (annexed) territory in the area of Mount Dov," where Israel maintains a military camp, the Israeli army said.

"In response... soldiers used riot dispersal means. The vehicle returned to Lebanese territory."

The Lebanese Army said its troops had escorted the bulldozer, which was "removing an earth mound erected by the Israeli enemy north of the withdrawal line... in the area of Bastra - South."

After being targeted by Israeli smoke bombs, "the patrol members responded to the attack by firing tear gas at the enemy members, forcing them to withdraw."

According to Israeli media reports, the Lebanese earthmover penetrated just two meters over the demarcation line.

Sporadic incidents still occur along the demarcation line. In July, the Israeli military said it had carried out retaliatory strikes against south Lebanon after an anti-tank missile was fired from the area.

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Thumb 24 September 2023, 19:30

In a world where soldiers choose to share a tear,
With each drop, they banish strife and fear,
No more battles, no anger, no jeer,
Only love and unity, bright and clear.

Their tears cascade like a healing, gentle sheer,
Washing away pain, drawing hearts near,
In this world of compassion, we revere,
Hope and kindness, always here, sincere.