Saudi ambassador says presidential vote a sovereign affair


Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid Bukhari has stresssed that "sustainable solutions come from within Lebanon, not from abroad."

"The presidential juncture is a sovereign affair that the Lebanese should decide by themselves, and we are fully confident that the Lebanese are capable of shouldering their historic responsibilities and coming together to finalize the presidential juncture," Bukhari said at a ceremony in central Beirut celebrating the Saudi National Day.

"The Saudi stance is at the forefront of the regional and international stances emphasizing the need to speed up the election of a president who would be able to achieve what the brotherly Lebanese people are aspiring for," Bukhari added.

"We will continue our common efforts to urge Lebanon's leaders to elect a president and carry on with the reforms," the ambassador went on to say.

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Missing HellAndWaite 24 September 2023, 16:34

Are you Lebanese and obeying and defending the Constitution? Call them into session, lock the doors so to close-in the quorum, and keep voting until there is a single constitutionally required answer ... then members of parliament can use the rest room, get a meal, or go home.