Report: Shiite Duo clings to Franjieh in talks with Doha envoy


Hezbollah and the Amal Movement have not responded positively to the proposals of a Qatari envoy who is visiting Lebanon, sources close to the Shiite Duo said.

"The Qatari envoy, who met with Speaker Nabih Berri and later with Loyalty to Resistance bloc head MP Mohammed Raad, informed them that he is seeking consensus on a third (presidential) candidate" other than Suleiman Franjieh and Jihad Azour, the sources told Annahar newspaper in remarks published Sunday.

"But Berri and Raad told him that the Duo is clinging to Suleiman Franjieh's nomination," the sources added.

According to media reports, the Qatari envoy has proposed three candidates: Army chief Joseph Aoun, an independent MP and a security official.

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Missing HellAndWaite 24 September 2023, 16:28

When dictators and autocrats are determined to have their dominance, democracy and individual freedoms can have only one last resort response.

Thumb 24 September 2023, 19:39

Popular Uprising & Civil Resistance !

Thumb gebran_sons 24 September 2023, 18:25

Every Lebanese not on payroll of Hizbollah or the political mafia from Berri to Bassil must insist no salvation without extending the army control on all Lebanese territory, implementing all UN resolutions, insuring no arms outside army; all as a prerequisite to reforms and bringing political mafia to court. It is sad the Lebanese Diaspora who is providing the only lifeline and funds for government services is not present in these negotiations as the most representative and effective group capable of saving Lebanon and transitioning to transparent, modern, honest, respectable, qualified and accountable government.