Reports: Toters driver shot at US embassy after guard 'insulted' him


The man arrested for firing around a dozen shots at the U.S. Embassy in Awkar has been identified by media reports as Mohammed Mahdi Hussein Khalil, a 26-year-old deliveryman who works for Lebanon’s leading food delivery company Toters.

The detainee hails from the Beirut southern suburb of Bourj al-Barajneh and had opened fire at a General Security department in the past, the reports said.

Al-Akhbar newspaper said the man told interrogators that he made sure not to hit any of the embassy guards with his gunshots although he was capable of doing so. He added that he fired at the embassy following a previous dispute with a security guard who "insulted" him as he was delivering an order to the embassy.

"He wasn’t able to ‘digest’ the insult, so he decided to take vengeance," the daily added.

"If I wanted, I would have carried out a massacre, but the whole issue is that I wanted to prove myself after I was treated in an inferior manner as a delivery driver," other reports quoted the man as saying.

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Thumb gebran_sons 26 September 2023, 21:38

Once upon a time Beirut was synonymous with civility, enlightenment, sophistication and intellectual and philosophical vibrancy; today it is synonymous with Mohammed Mahdi Hussein Khalil’s Basij dark intellect, brutality and street manners. Once upon a time Persia was the cradle of civility and enlightenment from Hammurabi code to cosmopolitan tolerance and world trade leaders, today is it synonymous with middle age darkness, oppression, arm worship and deep discussions on how to punishment improper hijab.

Missing HellAndWaite 27 September 2023, 18:45

.. and so now in Lebanon, if we are to believe Mohammed Mahdi Hussein Khalil, the proper measure of a man is in the gradations of evil that distance him from the worst and most base behaviors of mankind .. once, the measure of a Lebanese man was his striving to achieve ever greater gradations of goodness that separated him from the ideals of the Superior Being.

Thumb 27 September 2023, 19:59

So, essentially, one individual who feels like a loser is attacking other individuals (losers too) who have belittled him... What a failed country!