'You haven't done your utmost': Geagea asks Berri to move directly to voting


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea urged Tuesday Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to skip dialogue and call for open sessions to elect a president.

"A second electoral round would likely lead to a president," Geagea said, after Berri earlier called on those who rejected his call for dialogue to propose an alternative.

"I have done everything I could," Berri said, adding that open-ended electoral sessions would have followed his dialogue regardless if parties reached an agreement or not.

"You haven't done everything you could," Geagea responded, as he proposed to move directly to voting.

"Let's pretend that we (have engaged in dialogue and) failed to reach an agreement, and move directly to open-ended sessions," he said.

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Missing thecause 28 September 2023, 01:25

God bless LF and hakim!