Report: Hezbollah not against Aoun election, cares more about new army chief


Hezbollah is not against “domestic and foreign consensus on the Joseph Aoun choice” for the presidency, but its concern is not solely focused on the new president, seeing as its eyes are on “the army chief who will replace Joseph Aoun once he is elected as president or sent to retirement,” informed political sources said.

“The party’s officials are constantly talking about keenness on protecting the back of the resistance, and accordingly Hebzollah’s attention is now focused on the name of the new army chief more than it is focused on the presidency,” the sources told Kuwait’s al-Anbaa newspaper.

Hezbollah also cares about “the policy statement of the new presidential tenure’s government, specifically about the article that the party considers to be fixed and not subject to modification or interpretation, which is known as the army-people-resistance equation,” the sources said.

“This all indicates that the army chief’s name is in the lead,” the sources added.

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