Van carrying Syrians runs over Lebanese soldier, driver killed


The driver of a van carrying illegal Syrian migrants on Thursday ran over a Lebanese soldier and tried to flee an army patrol before being killed in the incident, an army statement said.

“As an army patrol was trying to stop a Hyundai van carrying Syrians who had illegally entered Lebanon in the al-Qbour al-Beed area on the northern border, the vehicle driver ran over a member of the patrol and tried to flee the site despite the firing of warning shots in the air by the rest of the patrol members,” the statement said.

“This forced them to fire at the vehicle’s tires, which resulted in the wounding of the driver, his loss of control over the vehicle and its crash into an electricity pole before his eventual death,” the statement added.

MTV meanwhile identified the driver as Khaled al-Saleh, saying that he hailed from the Akkar town of Mashta Hammoud while describing the wounded soldier’s condition as stable.

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Thumb 28 September 2023, 20:56

Well, folks, have you heard the one about the driver in that Hyundai van? I mean, can you believe it? He's driving along, minding his own business, and then bam! He runs over a soldier. Talk about a wrong turn, right?

So, the army tries to stop him, they even fire warning shots in the air, but this guy, he's got some real get-up-and-go, let me tell you. He just keeps on truckin' or should I say "vanning." But wait for it, they had to shoot at his tires, and what do you know? He lost control and crashed into an electricity pole. Shocking, isn't it?

And guess what, folks? That was the end of the road for our van-tastic driver. He met his electrifying fate right there at the pole. Now, that's what I call a shocking turn of events! We've got to build a wall around those electricity poles, folks, and make them pay for it!

Uncle Donald