Report: US won't renew financial aid plan for Lebanese Army, ISF


A U.S. plan providing monthly financial aid to the personnel of the Lebanese Army and the Internal Security Forces will not be renewed when its six-month period expires in November, a U.S. Embassy source has been quoted as saying.

“The plan will not be renewed due to the failure to approve reforms and elect a president,” media reports quoted the source as saying.

French President Emmanuel Macron's special envoy Jean-Yves Le Drian warned Wednesday that France and its allies were losing patience after almost a year of deadlock and are now reviewing their financial aid.

Lebanon has been without a president for almost a year after ex-head of state Michel Aoun's mandate expired, with its feuding factions repeatedly failing in parliament to elect a new leader as an unprecedented economic crisis escalates in the multi-confessional former French colony.

Faced with what he described as a "denial of reality" from Lebanese officials, France and its allies the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt, are losing patience and could review their financial support for Lebanon, Le Drian said.

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Thumb 29 September 2023, 17:44

Oops... they administer Oxycodone, ensnaring their patients in addiction, then forsake their responsibilities, leaving these individuals unemployed, starving and without shelter. Now, let's substitute this scenario with stacks of hundred-dollar bills. America is pure evil! (ノ°益°)ノ

Thumb 29 September 2023, 21:33

Exactement, Sanglierdomestique! We understand that such actions are seldom driven by altruistic motives, and absent immediate ROI, one must question the underlying strategy. What exactly is the United States advocating for? The analogy I draw to the opioid crisis underscores that patients and soldiers alike may resort to alternative means to sustain themselves. In both cases, they fall prey to formidable corporate/state interests.

Thumb sanglierdomestique 01 October 2023, 20:59

Oh I see what you’re saying. Yeah definitely, LAF proved itself resourceful in the north in 2017 bass it came at a cost. The US i think is just spreading its sphere of influence in the region with a seemingly neutral investment that serves Israel by counterbalancing Hezb. The more LAF grows the more they’ll have leverage despite the reciprocal non-intervention. Bass with this stalemate they must have decided that it’s not worth it absent a political solution for president