Some families flee southern border towns after Israeli shelling


Families in several border towns in southern Lebanon have started fleeing north as Israeli shelling continues in the area.

An Associated Press team saw several cars packed with people and belongings departing Monday. “We tried to flee Aita el-Shaab to Rmeish, but they told us everyone has to stay in their area,” a man said as he and his family tried to flee.

Israeli shelling intensified after four militants crossed over the border and clashed with Israeli troops on Monday. Several rockets were fired from near the Lebanese border earlier. A Hezbollah spokesperson denied the militant group’s involvement in the operation.

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Thumb 09 October 2023, 17:53


Thumb gebran_sons 09 October 2023, 18:17

THOSE WHO LIVE BY THE SWORD DIE BY THE SWORD. Netanyahu and his racist ministers joined Iran, Hamas and Hizbollah in policy of hate, oppression & destruction. Hamas attack showed courage (&killing music goers), so did Perl Harbor but Japan lost the war. Hizbollah fighters displayed courage in 2006, but did they know they were not liberating their land but fighting for permanent Iranian occupation and misery? Would Hamas attack lead to freedom & 2-state solution? or as Iran wants will mirror Hizb in more hatred, oppression misery & brutal autocracy? Iran/Hizb never cared for Palestinians except giving arms & radicalization. If Basij killed their own people & made Iran a big prison how can they liberate others? MBS put Iran in a hole it can’t escape. Checkmate! This war will either speedup 2-state solution, change Israeli PM or discredit Hamas. Either way MBS will get faster his deal & US protection leaving Iran deeper in mud & hate. Iran is stuck in hate policy leaving only misery!

Missing arturo 09 October 2023, 19:07

It is Lebanon that fired missiles and infiltrated into Israel. Lebanon seems to seek war.

Thumb gebran_sons 09 October 2023, 21:49

Netanyahu TV address showed him sinking deeper into language of hate and destruction. Nothing about future peace efforts and Palestinians right and basic human aspirations. Whatever happened in the near future, the days of racists like him and his minsters are numbered. No need for another radical Iran on our southern borders!

Missing HellAndWaite 09 October 2023, 18:29

Who was "they" in "they told us everyone has to stay in their area"? Hezbollah? Shia? Boo?