Geagea: We'll exert utmost effort to prevent ignition of South front


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea has said in an interview with MTV that the Lebanese opposition will “exert utmost effort” to prevent a major ignition of Lebanon’s southern front with Israel.

“We can do without adding to all the miseries of the Lebanese people,” Geagea said.

“Can someone imagine the tragedy that might happen? If for example a glass facade shatters in a home in the south? Who will repair the damage? In the past all countries used to scramble to help us, but today there is no state that wants to do so, and accordingly this issue should be outside any vision,” Geagea added.

The LF leader also lamented “the major absence of the Lebanese government.”

“What’s happening is totally unacceptable and they cannot consider themselves to be a municipality. Is this absence reasonable? We must all focus our efforts to spare Lebanon this inferno, for a simple reason which is that it will not make any difference in the present balances of power,” Geagea added.

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