Hezbollah hits Israeli tank, 'inflicting casualties'


Hezbollah said wednesday its fighters have hit an Israeli Merkava tank with an anti-tank missile, inflicting casualties among the troops.

The group said the attack early Wednesday targeted an Israeli army position across the border from the Lebanese village of Aita al-Shaab. The Israeli army said it is checking reports that an anti-tank missile was fired from Lebanon.

On Tuesday, Hezbollah said five of its fighters have been killed in south Lebanon, bringing to ten the number of its members killed in intensifying border skirmishes with Israel.

Later on Tuesday, the group called for a "day of rage" Wednesday to condemn a strike on a Gaza Strip hospital, blaming Israel for what it called a "massacre". The strike has killed at least 500 people, provoking outrage and condemnation from around the world, with protests on the streets of Amman, Tunis, Beirut and Tehran.

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Missing un520 19 October 2023, 08:34

You mean the same "civilized militants" that killed Rafik Hariri and numerous other politicians?