4 paramedics wounded as Israel bombs ambulance in south Lebanon


Four paramedics were wounded when an Israeli drone bombed an ambulance for the Amal Movement-affiliated Islamic Risala Scout Association on the outskirts of the south Lebanon town of Tayr Harfa.

The National News Agency said the injuries ranged from light to moderate.

TV networks said the paramedics were trying to evacuate the bodies of two Hezbollah fighters killed on a motorbike by Israeli fire as well as people who were wounded in an Israeli airstrike on a house.

Israeli reports meanwhile said that an Iron Dome missile was fired at a suspicious target over the border with Lebanon. Lebanese reports said no rockets were fired from Lebanon.

Israeli artillery had in the morning shelled the outskirts of the southern towns of Marwahin, Dhayra, Talbsin, Alma al-Shaab, Naqoua and al-Labbouneh.

Overnight, Hezbollah said that it targeted Israeli troops inside a house in the Metulla settlement, inflicting “certain casualties,” in response to “the killing of a number of civilians over the past days.”

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Thumb Mystic 05 November 2023, 14:28

This is all the mighty leader of the neo ottoman could do, where is the Army of the crescent as he shouts?
They withdraw an Ambassador that should not be there to begin with

Where is the power he demonstrated in Idlib and Syria?

Missing B.K.L 05 November 2023, 17:34

Agreed. Or the power he uses against the kurdish militias.

Thumb i.report 05 November 2023, 22:04

There’s no Neo-Ottoman empire whatsoever. He’s a lame leader, he barks a lot but can only attack armed peasants in the Kurdistan and relies heavily on al qæda affiliated militias on the Syrian border. His army may be strong but he wouldn’t be able to defeat Israel if supported by the USA… not that it’s his goal because Ankara and Tel Aviv are united in their hate against the ‘Arabs’ as they call us.

Thumb Mystic 05 November 2023, 22:15

What about Saudi Arabia? The cradle of both Islamic and Arabic world.
They did nothing whatsoever and they were brave against Muslims in Yemen whilst they normalized ties with Israel alongside the rest of the Gulf countries.

Thumb i.report 06 November 2023, 00:30

Saudi Arabia should cut off the petrol with the other GCC or the OPEC countries... Why haven't they done it? MBS and MBZ are allied with Israel. They couldn't care less about Palestinians.

We need, unfortunalely- because it's cruel-, to ship all the Palestinian refugees to Greece, Cyprus and Italy. Let them welcome them with open arms like they did with the Ukrainians. After all, most Zionists are Europeans or Moroccans, they let their jewish terrorists settle on our land, we'll send them their victims.

Missing B.K.L 06 November 2023, 05:23

He clearly means "our land" as in the Levant or "our area". Clear as daylight but like i said earlier, you are autistic. This is why you read it literally.

Thumb Mystic 06 November 2023, 11:57

We are all Palestinians

Missing B.K.L 06 November 2023, 17:54

Gabriel01, you insult everyone left and right. It is common for males with autism to behave like you. Allthough, most autists are peaceful , you seem to be one of those who become vile because they can't see the full picture and explode when they feel cornered. Also, should i remind you that Jesus did not speak the way you do. You clearly have a lot of hatred in your heart.

Missing B.K.L 06 November 2023, 17:55

You are so smart. Autistic genius.