Hezbollah strikes Israeli infantry units in Shomera and Dovev


Israeli artillery shelling targeted Wednesday Ramia, Beit Leef, and the outskirts of the border towns of al-Labbouneh, al-Naqoura, Rmeish, Aita al-Shaab, Halta and al-Mari, after three rockets landed in Zarit and Shtula, in the Israeli upper western Galilee. Israel also shelled the outskirts of Mays al-Jabal, Blida, Houla, Mhaibib and Yaroun after the Israeli posts of al-Assi, al-Bayyad, Brket Risha, Yiftah, al-Jerdah and Dovev were targeted from Lebanon.

The football pitch in the border town of Houla was also targeted with three missiles, as Israel fired shells that didn't explode at a house and a car.

Hezbollah for its part confirmed casualties among Israeli soldiers after its fighters targeted an Israeli infantry force near Shomera and another one near Dovev. Hezbollah said it was in response to the Israeli attack on an ambulance in Lebanon on Sunday. An Israeli military spokesman said two soldiers were wounded in the anti-tank missile attack on Dovev.

An Israeli drone had struck Sunday near two ambulances on their way to pick up casualties from an overnight strikes in southern Lebanon, wounding four paramedics.

Israel had targeted overnight al-Khiyam, Kfakela, Yater, Kafra, and al-Khardali.

Israeli and Hezbollah have been exchanging daily cross-border fire since October 7. The clashes along the border have intensified since Israel launched a ground incursion into Gaza.

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