UN official says Israel-Hamas war has caused significant damage in Lebanon


The United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Lebanon has said that the spillover of the Hamas-Israel war has already caused “significant damage” in Lebanon where Hezbollah and allied groups have been clashing with Israeli forces on the border for more than a month.

Imran Riza said in a statement Friday that there have been “concerning signs of escalating tensions” along the border.

Riza said there have been “alarming attacks killing and injuring civilians in South Lebanon, including women, children, and media personnel" and much damage to private property, public infrastructure and farmland which as forces more than 25,000 to be displaced.

On Sunday, an Israeli airstrike hit a car driving between the towns of Ainata and Aitaroun and killed four civilians, including three children and their grandmother, and wounded the children’s mother. An Israeli military statement later said the car had been “identified as transporting terrorists” and that it was reviewing “allegations that there were civilians in the vehicle.”

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Thumb irena 10 November 2023, 18:28

The usual Hezbollah & Hamas modus operandi: let civilians be killed, keep your fighters safe.

Thumb farsical.resistance 10 November 2023, 19:43

But Imran, no significant damage in Lebanon or the killing and injuring women, children, and media personnel and neither the much damage to private property, public infrastructure and farmland nor the more than 25,000 displaced, really matters not as long as Khamenei and by proxy hassin can keep up appearances.

Missing arturo 10 November 2023, 20:59

Amazingly, based on the UN analysis there has been no damage or loss of life on the Israeli side.