Hezbollah slams attack on journalists and civilians, vows response


Hezbollah’s Media Relations Department has condemned Israel’s airstrikes Tuesday on south Lebanon that killed two al-Mayadeen journalists and two civilians.

“This crime, the previous assassination of the journalist Issam Abdallah, the shelling of the convoy of journalists in Yaroun, and the Israeli forces’ killing of dozens of journalists in Gaza and the destruction of their offices highlight the importance of the role of media outlets in exposing the enemy’s terrorist practices and its horrible crimes against civilians,” Hezbollah said in a statement.

And calling on international media and humanitarian organizations to “condemn this crime and the previous similar crimes” and to “practice the highest levels of pressure on the enemy’s government to halt its aggression against journalists and civilians,” Hezbollah’s media dept. vowed that the attack “will not go without a response” from Hezbollah.

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Thumb i.report 21 November 2023, 15:43

At least when the news start they don’t say « brought to you by Pfizer » they’re more journalists than CNN and Fox News.

Missing un520 21 November 2023, 16:37

Its brought to us by the Iranian state. We all know that, whether they say it or not...

Thumb i.report 21 November 2023, 20:23

have some respect Zionist 520 , they're journalists nonetheless and didn't deserve to be murdered.

Missing un520 21 November 2023, 16:44

About killing civilians. Hezbollah put Lebanese civilians in grave danger by firing from near schools, churches or peoples homes. When Israel retaliates as we all know they will do the iranian mercenaries are long gone, and the civilians are left to their own devices. Its how an elderly couple in Chebaa was killed in their home a few weeks ago. Thanks a lot, Hezbollah...

Missing un520 21 November 2023, 21:40

This is George W Bush rethoric par excellence: Either you are with us or against us. Either you are zionist or you are with the glorious terrorist militia. Most people are not stupid, and they are well aware of a third alternative: To cheer and work for a free, independent Lebanon with the Lebanese army as our protectors.

Missing HellAndWaite 21 November 2023, 17:41

"I am shocked .. shocked to learnt that there are journalists killed in war zones .."

<b>1,668 Journalists Killed In Past 20 Years (2003-2022), Average Of 80 Per Year</b>
source: rsf.org/en/1668-journalists-killed-past-20-years-2003-2022-average-80-year

Why? Because war zones are where the news are .. it is journalists' job to be where news are happening .. "occupational hazard"

Thumb i.report 21 November 2023, 21:08

Complètement @plzgrowup, i’ve always strongly opposed Hezbollah, journalists should be immune to this nonsense because they put their lives on the line for us, even if they have their biases - we all do.

Missing un520 21 November 2023, 21:34

I agree that its not the fault of the journalists, and I did not at any point blame them for their tragic deaths. Whats wrong though is to discredit CNN and Fox News because they are sponsored by Pfizer or whoever, when Al-Mayadeen is sponsored by the Iranian state, who play a big part in this war.

Thumb farsical.resistance 21 November 2023, 21:46

No journalist deserves to be killed no matter their affiliation. We should insist on this. Not even that NBN idiot who, live on air, was jovial when Walid Eido was murdered and wished Ahmad Fatfat was next. Samir Kassir, Gebran Tueni, Riad Taha, Salim Lawzi, Kamel Mroueh, Hussein Mroueh, et al, insist in it.