Iran delegates quit COP28 over Israel presence


Iranian delegates walked out of U.N. climate talks in the United Arab Emirates on Friday in protest over the presence of Israeli representatives, state media reported.

The Iranian side considered Israel's presence at COP28 "as contrary to the goals and guidelines of the conference and, in protest, it left the conference venue", Energy Minister Ali Akbar Mehrabian, who headed the Iranian delegation, was quoted as saying by the official news agency IRNA.

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Missing phillipo 01 December 2023, 14:30

Good riddance.

Missing 1948 03 December 2023, 03:29

Blah blah blah, said the citizen of the racist terror state of Israel

Thumb 01 December 2023, 21:02

It took us 2 centuries to rid ourselves of the first ethnic cleanser and invaders, the European Crusaders, it may take us and our descendants 3 centuries or more, but I can promise these ‘Israelies’ will return to their ethnic Europe willingly or in coffins.

Missing gabriel01 02 December 2023, 04:25

Looooool. Yes the Israelis will leave their ‘promised land’ with their numerous nuclear weapons.

Missing 03 December 2023, 23:50

No one is leaving. Not the Jews and not the Palestinians. One day there will be peace and justice. Unfortunately, it will be after much death and suffering as Israel has shown that it would only acquiesce to Palestinian rights by force.

Missing gabriel01 04 December 2023, 10:10

Finally, a voice of reason and realism. You’re a breath of fresh air, especially after the idiotic comments of the loser above, the unstable old man hiding in Europe :D

Missing gabriel01 02 December 2023, 04:26

These mullah minions should also quit the United Nations since Israel also has a representation there :D

Missing phillipo 02 December 2023, 12:38

There are a lot of international organisations of which Israel is a member, such as WHO, International Red Cross & Crescent, FIFA, IAEA, World Bank, etc. so Iran should leave them as well, PLEASE.

Missing 1948 03 December 2023, 03:32

as if your fascist terror state of Israel follow any rules or resolutions. so be quiet and just read only

Missing phillipo 04 December 2023, 16:00

1948, isn't it time you woke up and found that the world is now in 2023. The whole world has moved on. new countries have been born, others have had border changes and only you remain with your 75 year old dream.