Al-Rahi: Lebanese can’t be forced to bear burdens of others' war


Maronite Patriach Beshara al-Rahi on Sunday lamented the end of the truce in Gaza, decrying that “the innocent people are bearing the consequences of the destructive war.”

“What is the meaning of the humanitarian truce if it will pave the way for a ferocious war after a break,” al-Rahi wondered in his Sunday Mass sermon.

“No one in Lebanon wants the spread of the war to the South and to our innocent Lebanese residents there. If, God forbid, it spreads to the South, no one would know where it would stop and the magnitude of victims and destruction it would leave, so we pray to God to keep it away from us,” the patriarch added.

“No one can force the Lebanese people to bear the burdens of a war in which they have nothing,” al-Rahi went on to say.

The patriarch also said that “the failure to elect a president and the closure of the presidential palace are a blatant crime that is destroying state institutions and public administrations while spreading chaos and corruption and tarnishing Lebanon’s civilized face.”

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Thumb 03 December 2023, 20:40

Where has this guy been since 1948!?

Has he not noticed half a million Palestinian refugees destabilizing our country and 2 millions more Syrians refugees finishing the job since 2011? They’re all other countries’ burden and we need to do everything in our power to send them back. Mr Patriarch, you may be living the ‘life’ with your personal court doing everything for you from dusk till dawn, but real Lebanese don’t have what you have. These refugees destroyed many jobs, stole many lives, they need to go back to Syrian and occupied Palestine. Stop talking and start acting like a leader!

Thumb 04 December 2023, 20:26

What has this patriarch done for Lebanon @stopbeing ? The answer is easy : Nothing !

He refuses other people’s ears, we all do. But what has he done to return the Palestinian and Syrian refugees? Wala shi! He supported the elections of crooks at for the presidency and government.