11 Israelis wounded as Hezbollah and Israel trade fire anew


Hezbollah on Sunday launched several attacks on Israeli positions near Lebanon’s border, including a missile strike on a military vehicle.

Eleven Israelis -- eight soldiers and three civilians -- were wounded by Hezbollah fire in the area of Beit Hillel, army radio reported.

The Israeli military said its artillery struck sources of fire from Lebanon. It also said its fighter jets struck other Hezbollah targets.

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Thumb i.report 03 December 2023, 20:41

The more the merrier, go on!

Thumb i.report 04 December 2023, 20:29

Yes, I demand to see the 100k missiles. Hezbollah has proven -once again- it’s the new SLA but this time not for the zionists but the Persians .

Missing gabriel01 03 December 2023, 20:58

Those uneducated idiots supporting attacks on Israel will start crying when Lebanese will start dying left and right.

Missing gabriel01 04 December 2023, 13:03

Let the iranians and palestinians fight their own wars and leave Lebanon for Lebanese.