Will Macron visit south Lebanon?


A new French security delegation will arrive in Beirut over the next two days, following the visit carried out by French intelligence chief Bernard Emie days ago, Annahar newspaper reported on Thursday.

“Meetings have been scheduled with several officials,” the daily added.

Moreover, Annahar said that French President Emmanuel Macron might visit south Lebanon to inspect the French contingent operating within the UNIFIL peacekeeping force, despite the ongoing cross-border clashes between Israel and Hezbollah.

“Every year, the French president visits French forces deployed abroad during the Christmas period, and Lebanon is among the countries that he might visit, knowing that no final decision has been taken until the moment and that he might end up visiting another country,” the daily added.

Since the Israel-Hamas war began on October 7, the frontier between Lebanon and Israel has seen intensifying exchanges of fire, mainly between Israel and Hezbollah, but also Palestinian groups.

More than 110 people have been killed on the Lebanese side, mostly Hezbollah fighters and more than a dozen civilians, according to an AFP tally, since fighting began in October. On the Israeli side, six soldiers and three civilians have been killed, Israeli authorities have said.

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Thumb i.report 07 December 2023, 21:33

Macron the waffler who promised us justice and transparency after the august 4th port blast is no longer welcome in Lebanon. He’s corrupt, he supports the genocide of the Gaza kids, he’s a thug!