Hezbollah targets Meron command center in northern Israel


Hezbollah targeted Tuesday Israeli troops and positions as Israeli air strikes and artillery shelling targeted Lebanese border villages.

Hezbollah said it targeted the Israeli army's northern command center in response to "recent assassinations and repeated attacks on civilians" in Lebanon and Syria.

It said it had launched a "large number" of missiles at the Mount Meron base in its second such attack since Palestinian militant group Hamas's unprecedented October 7 assault on Israel sparked war in Gaza.

Its first on January 6 came in response to killing of Hamas deputy leader Saleh al-Arouri in a strike in Beirut widely blamed on Israel.

The Israeli army said Hezbollah’s attack on Tuesday caused "minor infrastructure damage" at the Meron base.

Earlier today, Hezbollah attacked a group of Israeli soldiers at the Cobra hill.

The Israeli army for its part shelled the outskirts of Shihin, Merwahin, Tayrharfa, Ramia, Jabal Blat, Mays al-Jabal and the Hamames Hill while a drone carried out an airstrike on an agricultural land in al-Wazzani.

Israeli warplanes had struck overnight three houses in the southern border town of Blida, the National News Agency said.

Since the outbreak of war between Hamas and Israel on October 7, the Lebanese-Israeli border has witnessed a near-daily exchange of fire between Israel's army and Hezbollah. 202 people have been killed in south Lebanon, 147 of them belonging to Hezbollah. At least 26 civilians have also been killed, including three journalists and two rescuers in addition to a Lebanese soldier.

More than 83,000 Lebanese have been forced to flee their homes since hostilities began, according to the International Organization for Migration.

On the Israeli side, 15 people have been killed in the northern border area, including nine soldiers and six civilians, according to the Israeli army.

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Missing HellAndWaite 23 January 2024, 13:15

Destruction and a great many civilian deaths are coming to Lebanon ... Hezbollah is ensuring it keeps coming and will not turn away, though it can. To what good end?

Missing youssefhaddad 23 January 2024, 23:27

They shell a military base and then what? they leave the civilian population, where they hide, exposed to retaliation! Israel, before starting the fight made sure that its civilian population had all kinds of protections. Hezbollah on the other hand had drafted all Lebanese to die for the Iranian Regime.