Putin says Ukraine matter of life and death for Russia


Events on the battlefield in Ukraine are a matter of "life and death" for Russia that could determine its fate, President Vladimir Putin said in remarks aired Sunday.

The Kremlin has repeatedly framed the almost two-year conflict as a battle for Russia's survival in a bid to rally patriotic sentiment among its population, many apathetic toward the offensive.

"I think it is still important for us ourselves, and even more so for our listeners and viewers abroad, to understand our way of thinking," Putin said in an interview with state TV.

"Everything that is happening on the Ukraine front: For them it is an improvement of their tactical position, but for us it is our fate, it is a matter of life and death," he said.

Putin was responding to a question about a two-hour long interview he gave to U.S. talk show host Tucker Carlson, which the Kremlin used to promote its narratives on the conflict.

In that interview, Putin talked at length about Russian history and continuously questioned Ukraine's statehood, drawing ire in both Kyiv and the West.

"For the Western listener, the viewer, it was not easy. Even more so for Americans," Putin said when asked about his long, historical musings in the Carlson interview.

"The history of the United States is 300-odd years, and I started in 862. So I think it was not easy for American audiences to understand," he said.

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Missing gabriel01 18 February 2024, 20:58

What Putler meant to say is that his fate and survival is in the balance. And that over 100 000 dead Russian soldiers until now was totally worth it.

Thumb i.report 18 February 2024, 23:48

With every sardonic utterance, gabriel01 you unwittingly entrench yourself as a mere pawn, basking in blissful ignorance of the profound ideologies orchestrating the tapestry of the world that envelops you—a veritable embodiment of Lenin's paradigmatic notion of the useful idiot.

Missing gabriel01 19 February 2024, 03:08

And you what's the funniest thing ireport? Every single time you utter anything, it's amazing how the height, width and depth of your idiocy knows no bound. Now go back to your minimum wage job and let the smart and successful people be. Good luck little dude.

Missing gabriel01 19 February 2024, 03:09

you know*

Thumb i.report 19 February 2024, 15:54

@Gabriel01, your comment contains elements of verbal abuse, condescension, and derogatory language, which is indicative of various psychological and interpersonal issues.
A)Insecurity: The need to degrade and insult others is a reflection of the your own insecurities. Attacking someone else is a defense mechanism to deflect attention away from your own perceived shortcomings. B) Aggression: The tone of your message is aggressive and demeaning, which is indicative of underlying anger or hostility. Such behavior is an outlet for the your own emotional issues. C) Low Empathy: The lack of empathy is evident in the dismissive and insulting language. This could suggest a difficulty in understanding or connecting with others' feelings, a trait commonly associated with certain personality disorders !

Thumb i.report 19 February 2024, 16:01

D) Narcissism: you appear to elevate yourself by belittling me, implying that you are "smart and successful" while demeaning my intelligence and job status. This clearly suggests narcissistic tendencies, as you seekto assert your superiority.
E) Communication Issues: The communication style is disrespectful and lacks constructive elements. It indicates difficulties in forming healthy and positive interpersonal relationships.

I’m no substitute for professional assessment by a qualified mental health professional. However, I do strongly encourage you to seek help. It’ll immensely benefit you , you’ll feel good about yourself and your entourage will greatly appreciate it. Let me know if you need an address, my cousin just graduated as clinical psychologist and she knows a lot of people who can guide you.

Missing gabriel01 20 February 2024, 14:22

@ice-man. Fortunately not, I work for an international organization. I am not allowed to say what I do on social media for security reasons. But it’s the only language that vulgar idiots like iretard understand. It’s sad what they have done to Lebanon and the Lebanese pound and people. But when I read comments and insults from people like iretard and see the depth of his idiocy and lack of intellect, I understand why Lebanon is now where it is. Normal and educated people don’t start demeaning others in conversations. I just answered him at his level but you might be right. With the position I hold, I should have not sunk so low and I should have just ignored this disgusting semblance of a human being. And no one asked for his opinion of my comment or even cares for this clearly unstable and lonely old man.

Missing gabriel01 20 February 2024, 15:22

And iceman, I know you are being sarcastic and trying to sound witty but after a few months reading comments here, I learned what to expect. I just pray commentators here are not representative of the whole Lebanese population. It would be a tragedy.

Thumb i.report 19 February 2024, 17:22

Without further delay, seek professional help @gabriel01

Thumb ice-man 20 February 2024, 02:46

@gabriel01: You seem like a nice guy, .... educated and successful. Mind if I ask: is your seven figure salary in Lebanese Lira?

Thumb i.report 19 February 2024, 22:15

Benjamin Mileikovsky ( Netanyahu) is Polish-American , he doesn’t have any Levantine roots whatsoever, all Israelis in this government are either Europeans or Moroccans. On the other hand ,Russia is Ukraine and Ukraine is Russia. Nothing justified the CIA coup against Yanukovich and Putin is doing his job which is undoing the Western neocolonial expansion on the first Russian city which happens to be Kiev.

Thumb commirade.vlad 20 February 2024, 05:19

For Stalin's sake tovarish stop bringing up blood origin or the Ukraine or Russian BS. It is not a secret Ryurik created Russina and Ukrain and he was a Viking Swed. Not a drop of Swedish blood run in old Vlady's veins. If you keep writing your Pravda invented BS I'll be homeless like the Palestinians or my handy work Syrians. BTW you i.report remind me a lot of Ziad Jarrah. Same profile and same hate. One day he was a fun loving guy the next day full of hate and a terrorist. I think we can use you haha. You see tovarish i.report I never trusted any of your kind. Not even Ramzan Kadyrov. That's why I have my people tracking every moves, nerve agents at hand. That is also why I was never ashamed or had any regrets for what I did in Chechenia or in Syria. Me and Bibi have a bet on who can take out more. So far I am winning by a lot and I mean a lot. I don't think he'll ever catch up. But god bless him he's trying.

Thumb chrisrushlau 21 February 2024, 03:31

Vlad is right about the Vikings setting up Rus: that should teach the lesson that colonial regimes never succeed. How many Norsemen live in Asia today? You can read about the Vikings and their ways in two books: Barbarian Rites, which quotes a contemporary description by "Ahmad ibn Fadlan . . . a 10th-century Arab traveler, famous for his account of his travels as a member of an embassy of the Abbasid caliph, al-Muqtadir of Baghdad, to the king of the Volga Bulgars", of Viking drunken whoring somewhere in this corridor from Moscow to the Black Sea, and Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton, who turns this all around to make ibn Fadlan appear to be a fictitious character (as I recall, reminded by my email of four years ago). I'm a quarter Swedish.