Netanyahu sends 'message' to Hezbollah


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with soldiers of the Israeli army’s Alpinist Unit and the 188th Armored Brigade on Mount Hermon on Thursday, where he discussed Israel’s goals on its norther front.

“In the south (of Israel), we have one simple goal -- total victory,” his office quoted him as saying. “We are on the way to the elimination of Hamas and the release of our hostages. We will not rest until we achieve total victory,” he added.

“In the north, we have a simple goal -- to return the (displaced) residents. To bring back the residents, we need to bring back the feeling of security, and to bring back the feeling of security, we need to bring back security, which we will do,” he continued.

Netanyahu stressed that Israel is ready to restore security to the north through any means necessary and that if it cannot be done through diplomacy or politics, it will be done through force.

“In any case, Hezbollah should understand -- we will restore security. I hope that they receive this message,” he added.

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