Israel-Hezbollah clashes: Latest developments


Hezbollah on Saturday said it fired two heavy-caliber Burkan rockets at a gathering of Israeli troops on the Cobra Hill in northern Israel, achieving a “direct hit.”

It later said that it targeted a group of Israeli soldiers in the vicinity of the Dhayra military post, also achieving a "direct hit."

Israeli warplanes meanwhile targeted a house in the southern border town of Blida and ambulances were scrambling to the site, TV networks said.

Israeli artillery shelling also hit the southern border town of Kfarkela.

Israeli army spokesman Avichay Adraee meanwhile said that Israeli warplanes had overnight struck Hezbollah “launchpads and infrastructure” in the Blat mountain area.

“An observation post belonging to the organization was also targeted in the Aita al-Shaab area, as the IDF (Israeli army) shelled targets in the Hanine and Marwahine areas to eliminate possible threats,” Adraee added.

Since October, at least 276 people have been killed on the Lebanese side of the border, most of them Hezbollah fighters but also including 44 civilians. On the Israeli side, 10 soldiers and six civilians have been killed, according to the Israeli army.

The fighting has also displaced tens of thousands of residents on both sides of the border and Israel has repeatedly warned that it might use bigger force against Hezbollah to secure its residents' return.

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Thumb sanglierdomestique 24 February 2024, 18:54

Let’s put these numbers in perspective so far. 276 - 44 = 232 Hezb KIA-ed
10/232 = Hezb has a 4% efficacy. If we generalised to all-out warfare, for Hezb to even get to Hamas numbers, 1,200 (civilians) dead, Israel will get to 30,000 Hezbis and Lebanese dead. we’ll soon find out…

Missing phillipo 25 February 2024, 10:04

Maybe, only maybe, will the Lebanese government come to realise before then that Hizballah is the only side doing harm to the territory of the Republic of Lebanon, and do something about it. They may also learn, finally, that Israel is not the enemy.