Report: Communication ongoing between Hochstein, Ain el-Tineh


Direct and indirect communication is still ongoing between U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein and Speaker Nabih Berri regarding the border conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, a diplomatic source said.

The source added, in remarks to the Nidaa al-Watan daily, that “the pending point is the Israeli insistence on a step-by-step approach in the implementation of Resolution 1701, which stands for a gradual implementation.”

“This means that the Israeli side wants to negotiate over the implementation of every article of the resolution’s articles, which indicates that it wants to waste time and this might take years. This is rejected by Lebanon, seeing as what’s needed is to implement the resolution in one batch and without any scheduling,” the source added.

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Thumb chrisrushlau 03 April 2024, 21:04

Berri was speaking from his Third Presidency headquarters while his Second Presidency headquarters is being painted.

Thumb abe.linconstein 04 April 2024, 13:58

Don't you find it heartening chrisrushlau's juvenile naïve simplistic child like understanding of the politics?. He loves Hezbollah but hates Nabih Berri. But he's not the first Rushlau simpleton to post about politics. His French relative francoisushlau was a serial poster on the pre-internet information board during WWII. He was always going on about how he hated Pierre Laval's politics but loved the Nazis. chrisrushlau has also this love in common with his late relative.