Army arrests minor who hurled firebomb at SSNP office in Jdita


Army intelligence agents on Friday arrested in the Bekaa town of Taalabaya a Lebanese minor who had hurled a firebomb at an office for the Syrian Social Nationalist Party in Bekaa’s Jdita, the army said.

Reports had said that gunmen had fired shots at office where they also hung a Lebanese Forces flag.

The SSNP pointed the finger at the LF over the attack, but the LF denied its involvement in the incident and condemned it.

The incident came amid high tensions in the country stirred by the disappearance and murder of the LF’s Jbeil coordinator Pascal Sleiman.

On Thursday, a parked ambulance belonging to the SSNP was torched in the Aley district town of Bayssour, also drawing condemnations.

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