Hezbollah praises Iran's attack on Israel


Hezbollah has congratulated Tehran on its attack on Israel, saying it "achieved" its military objectives.

"Hezbollah presents its congratulations... to the leadership" of Iran and its people for the "unprecedented" attack on Israel, the powerful Lebanese group said in a statement.

Hezbollah also praised Tehran's "brave and wise decision to respond firmly to the Zionist attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus".

The Islamic republic launched more than 300 drones and missiles towards Israel from late Saturday, Israel's military said.

Tehran launched the attack in retaliation for a deadly air strike widely blamed on Israel that destroyed its consular section in Syria's capital on April 1.

Hezbollah said Iran "achieved" its military objectives "despite the participation of the United States and its international allies... in responding to the stunning attack".

Israel has launched hundreds of air strikes in Syria since civil war broke out 13 years ago, targeting Iran-backed forces including Hezbollah, a Damascus ally, as well as Syrian army positions and weapons depots.

It rarely comments on individual strikes, and has not done so on the consulate attack.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitor of the country's civil conflict, said 16 people were killed in the Damascus strike, with Hezbollah saying one of its members was among the dead.

Israel and Hezbollah have exchanged near-daily fire across Lebanon's southern border since Palestinian militant group Hamas carried out an unprecedented attack on southern Israel on October 7, triggering war in Gaza.

Hezbollah says it is acting in support of Gazans and Hamas with its attacks, while the escalating hostilities have raised fears of all-out conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, which last went to war in 2006.

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Missing un520 15 April 2024, 13:27

This is the first time I have witnessed applause for impotence...LOL

Thumb s-400_Triumf 15 April 2024, 15:11

Congratulations go the Islamic Republic of Iran for the most expensive, impressive and entertaining firework display in the history of man, women and them. They put any new years eve firework displays to shame. Guinness was watching and taking note. President Raisi will be getting the call from them soon. The 2025 new years eve celebrations committees in Beijing, Sydney, Paris, London and New York will be using the Iranian professionals to prepare their own displays. Also good news to residents of Lebanon, the fireworks types used on Saturday will be available exclusively at Kaissar Amer in Jdeideh. You can thank the Resistance for that.

Thumb s-400_Triumf 15 April 2024, 18:29

Don't knock the Iranian made drones gabriel01 they can be very useful. Some of the them were redirected to Iraq and Syria to shoot about a dozen weddings. Mabrouk to the newly weds.

Thumb i.report 15 April 2024, 18:29

The Iranians utilized known weapons to Israel extensively rather than unveiling new ones. However, this barrage provided them with valuable insights into Israel's missile defense layout, as well as the locations of U.S. installations in Jordan and the Gulf. They also gained knowledge about response times and societal reactions in Israel. This intelligence haul imposes a significant strategic burden on Israel. Simultaneously, Arab regimes face criticism for prioritizing Israeli protection over Gazan safety, particularly drawing scrutiny toward the Jordanian monarchy.

This episode enables Iran to reverse engineer gathered data for a potentially more potent future attack, necessitating reevaluation of current defense models by the U.S. and Israel due to compromise.

Thumb i.report 15 April 2024, 18:32

While the successful defense against this orchestrated assault carries costs, the looming specter of a regional conflict, unwanted by both the U.S. and Arab regimes, may increase pressure on Israel for de-escalation and a potential ceasefire.

Viewing this solely as theatrics overlooks the military's strategic assessment, which prioritizes intelligence gathering on the adversary's capabilities, crucial in prolonged conflicts like attrition wars.

Lastly, Israel spent $1.28 billion in ammunition with the Iron Dome , David’s sling and Arrows systems… while it is estimated that Iran’s rockets and drones cost no more than $100 millions...

Thumb _citizen_ 16 April 2024, 00:53

Hahahaha!!! Have you talked to your Zionist friend Zelensky of Ukraine lately; he has a different opinion on Iranian drones. Hahahaha.... good one though.

Thumb i.report 16 April 2024, 03:14

https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1nAKEaRjadoKL skip to 7:30 (it gets more interesting as it goes) and learn much more than one would on the rubbish legacy and mainstream media. He's the marine who spoke out against then-Senator Biden and other warmongers during the Gulf War and the imaginary WMDs, only to be subsequently canceled by the CIA for speaking the truth.