Franjieh open to dialogue, warns Christians against erecting 'barricades'


Marada Movement chief Suleiman Franjieh on Thursday held talks in Bkirki with Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi.

“We’re open to ever dialogue and we’re all working for the safety of Christians, not their security as some are proposing,” said Franjieh after the meeting, apparently accusing rival Christian parties of seeking to be in charge of security in certain areas.

Christians’ “safety” cannot be achieved “through intimidation or from behind barricades,” Franjieh added.

As for his presidential nomination, the Marada chief said his candidacy “does not undermine the democratic process but rather consolidates it.”

“We will attend any dialogue we’re invited to in an official manner, but we will not attend bilateral dialogues aimed at cornering a certain party,” he added.

“I’m doing what my conscience and Arab and Christian identity dictate on me and some of the National Moderation bloc MPs will vote for me,” Franjieh went on to say.

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Thumb gebran_sons 18 April 2024, 15:27

Enough insulting Lebanese by pretending Franjieh is a credible candidate. He is nothing but Hizbollah Trojan Horse. Franjieh is in every respect the opposite of what Lebanon needs. He embodies everything bad in Lebanon that we must get rid off to rejoin the civilized nations. He is a prominent member of the political mafia, a corrupt feudal pariah, a war leader who sided with Assad against Nationalist, an apologist for Iran’s foreign legion occupying Lebanon transforming its land into Iranian rocket base as long-range missiles proved ineffective. He has zero achievements and non-existent intellectual capacity. How can Lebanon embark on reforms, most serious border and maritime demarcations with Syria, Syria refugees, and disarming all militias with a corrupt warlord that is Assad and Hizb Useful Idiot par excellence. Reforms start by bringing people like him to justice for enabling occupation and impoverishment of Lebanon by foreign forces.

Missing rabiosa 18 April 2024, 17:08

All the things listed is exactly why Hizboz want him and will not let go.

He just basically told the quintet yesterday that they are a Lebanese party, their weapons for now are needed because there's no state, yet he doesn't tell them why there's no state.

The BS all these politician excuse is we need "Dialogue", "consensus", etc.. etc.. and nothing even good come out of it

Missing gabriel01 18 April 2024, 19:06

If I was the hezb, I would love this guy. Since he is uneducated and having no diploma, the great majority of hezb supporters will easily adopt him as one of their own, recognizing themselves in him. Plus, he is easy to manipulate. That’s a giant Plus.