Berri says quintet ambassadors didn't ask him to set electoral session


Commenting on his meeting Tuesday with the ambassadors of the five-nation group of Lebanon, Speaker Nabih Berri has said that the circumstances have not “matured” yet regarding the presidential vote.

“There is slow progress, but things have not matured enough yet,” Berri said, in remarks published Wednesday in al-Akhbar newspaper.

Revealing that the ambassadors did not ask him to schedule an electoral session, Berri noted that the meeting was limited to discussing the issue of calling for a presidential dialogue.

Pointing out that the ambassadors supported the principle of dialogue, Berri said that he offered them “clarifications” and that “they did not raise new ideas.”

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Missing HellAndWaite 24 April 2024, 16:26

.. because foreigners have to ask Berri to do what had long ago been agreed to be done in a timely manner, but which he has sacrificed in the name of _____ what, precisely?

Missing rabiosa 24 April 2024, 17:05

The quintet should have told you to step down from your post and exist stage left. You have been there for eons and is the biggest obstacle to eradicate corruption.