Fadlallah says Hezbollah 'ready for any scenario'


Hezbollah member of parliament Hassan Fadlallah has told the National News Agency during a funeral procession in southern Lebanon that "the targeting of civilians... cannot happen without a concrete response."

"Let us make this enemy understand that... we are ready for any scenario," Fadlallah said.

Fadlallah's comments came as Hezbollah targeted Wednesday three posts in northern Israel in response to a strike that killed two civilians, a woman and her niece, in the southern town of Hanin.

The Israeli army said it struck Wednesday 40 Hezbollah targets in an "offensive action" across southern Lebanon, claiming that "half of Hezbollah's commanders in southern Lebanon have been eliminated" in the past months of violence.

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Missing un520 25 April 2024, 12:56

Ready for any scenario, except handing over their arms to the Lebanese Army who can then take care of Lebanese security without mixing in religious fanatism and imaginary roads to Jerusalem.

Missing gabriel01 25 April 2024, 17:04

This is what happens when uneducated people are in power