Israeli strike on car in Baflay-Tyre kills 4 Hezbollah members


A Lebanese security source said four Hezbollah members were killed Thursday in an Israeli strike on a vehicle in the country's south, the latest such raid in months of cross-border hostilities.

Hezbollah for its part targeted newly installed electronic systems in the Ramia post as it announced the deaths of three of its members.

The Lebanese security source, requesting anonymity as they were not authorized to speak to the media, said that four Hezbollah fighters were killed in an Israeli drone strike on their vehicle in Baflay near the southern coastal town of Tyre, about 15 kilometers from the frontier.

The civil defense reported "four martyrs" in an "Israeli air strike" on the main road in Baflay, adding that teams worked to put out the fire that erupted in the vehicle.

The Israeli army meanwhile announced the death of an Israeli soldier who was killed Wednesday by a mortar launched from Lebanon.

The soldier's death is the third fatality in a week in Israel on the northern border from launches from Lebanon.

The Israeli army said fighter jets struck Hezbollah military structures in southern Lebanon on Wednesday in response.

Five people including two Hezbollah fighters were killed Wednesday in an Israeli air strike on the border town of Odaisseh, a Lebanese security source said, with the Islamic Jihad Palestinian militant group reporting three fatalities among its ranks.

The three Palestinian combatants were killed in a separate strike on the village of Khiam.

At least 399 people have been killed in Lebanon in seven months of cross-border violence, mostly militants but also more than 70 civilians.

Israel says 14 soldiers and nine civilians have been killed on its side of the border.

Tens of thousands of people have been displaced on both sides.

On Wednesday a Lebanese official said Israeli bombardment of south Lebanon since the start of the Israel-Hamas war has caused more than $1.5 billion in damage.

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