Hezbollah attacks command centers in Israel in retaliation to Tyre strike


Hezbollah targeted Wednesday two command centers in north Israel in response to an Israeli strike that reportedly killed a Hezbollah commander in south Lebanon.

Hezbollah said it attacked an air control command center in Meron with dozens of artillery shells and Katyusha and heavy rockets, and another command center in the Biranit barracks with heavy Burkan missiles.

The group said the attacks were in response to "the assassination" in the south, without identifying who was assassinated and where.

An Israeli strike on a car on the Tyre-Al-Hosh main road had killed two people Tuesday, with a source close to Hezbollah and media reports saying a field commander was among the dead.

The group said in a statement early Wednesday that one of its fighters, Hussein Makki, was "martyred on the road to Jerusalem", without mentioning his rank.

Hezbollah later targeted technical systems and surveillance equipment in the Radar post in the occupied Shebaa Farms.

Israeli artillery meanwhile shelled Jabal Blat in south Lebanon.

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