Israel army says friendly fire killed five soldiers in north Gaza


The Israeli military said Thursday that friendly fire had killed five soldiers the previous day in the northern Gaza Strip, where intense fighting in the Israel-Hamas war has resumed in recent days.

Asked to confirm media reports that the five fatalities announced earlier in an official statement were caused by Israeli fire, a military spokesperson told AFP: "Yes."

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Thumb chrisrushlau 17 May 2024, 02:54

Haaretz reported on March 31 that Israel's combat units create kill-zones around any position they occupy, with maybe only a few soldiers in the position, so that anybody who crosses though the zone is shot dead, supposedly as a means to ensure the soldiers' safety. The practice was explicitly prohibited by Israel's top general, but Haaretz found that subordinate units did it anyway, and on the other hand, top military spokespersons deny it happens.