Hezbollah retaliates to Najjarieh strikes with rocket barrage


Hezbollah targeted Friday a logistic military base in the occupied Golan heights with 50 Katyusha rockets, in response to al-Najjariyeh strikes.

The group said in a statement it has attacked the Tznobar base in response to the killing of two civilians in a strike on al-Najjarieh, near the coastal city of Sidon.

Hezbollah later targeted al-Raheb post in northern Israel in support of Gaza and artillery positions in al-Zaoura in response to Israeli artillery shelling on the border town of Houla.

The Israeli air strikes on al-Najjariyeh killed one Hezbollah fighter and two Syrian children.

Hezbollah earlier on Friday launched "attack drones" on a command center in Ga'aton, in response to an Israeli strike on a car in Qana on Thursday that killed two Hezbollah members.

Earlier this week Hezbollah said it had targeted an Israeli base near Tiberias, about 30 kilometres from the Lebanese border -- one of the group's deepest attacks into Israeli territory since clashes began on October 8.

The cross-border fighting has killed at least 418 people in Lebanon, mostly militants but also including 82 civilians, according to an AFP tally.

Israel says 14 soldiers and 10 civilians have been killed on its side of the border.

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