Franjieh calls for presidential race among top 3 Christian leaders


Marada Movement chief Suleiman Franjieh has suggested that the country’s top three Christian leaders nominate themselves for the presidency as an exit from the current presidential crisis, referring to himself, Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil and Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea.

“The balances have not changed and no one can elect a president today before a settlement in the region, which will reflect positively on Lebanon,” Franjieh added, in an interview on al-Jadeed TV.

“Things are on the right track,” he went on to say.

As for his main ally Hezbollah, Franjieh stressed that the party wants the election of a new president as soon as possible but “will not give up the characteristics it has specified.”

“I will not withdraw (from the race), our camp will not ask for this, and when we reach a certain settlement we will act accordingly,” the Marada chief added.

“I will not negotiate without my allies,” he said.

Emphasizing that Lebanon is “governed by understandings,” Franjieh pointed out that “no president has ever been elected without a certain form of dialogue.”

“Those opposing dialogue are obstructors one way or another and proposing dialogue in parliament is an exit and is not aimed at imposing anyone,” Franjieh said, adding that dialogue should be unconditional.

Responding to a question, the Marada chief said that, if elected president, he would “make a step towards the FPM and the LF.”

“I will go meet them,” he added.

“We are the Christians of Arabism and democracy, the Christians of (late) president (Suleiman) Franjieh, and Christianity to us is a goal and not a means,” Franjieh went on to say.

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Missing un520 27 May 2024, 16:43

This guy is just way too intelligent. I dont understand a word from his babbling mouth..

Missing rabiosa 27 May 2024, 18:06

If he is so confident he will not withdraw, fine 100% agree with him he has a right, why don't he convince his hard core backers, to stay in session after the initial vote and then the successive sessions till someone is elected? If he wins so be it.

The people should rise up and demand the constitution be amended so a president is directly elected by the people. That would put an end to this charade of a parliament controlled by a warlord that makes it like his own dikineh. Open it it whenever he wants to and closes it whenever he wants to.