Lebanon resorts to Interpol after Sweden refuses to extradite Meouchi


Lebanon has issued arrest warrants in absentia for Paul Meouchi, who is in Sweden, Peter Naffah and a third person who is outside Lebanon over their involvement in the TikTok child molestation ring, a judicial source told Al-Arabiya television.

The judiciary also sent Red Notices to the Interpol for the suspects who are on the run due to the presence of many of them in several countries, the source added.

Meouchi, nicknamed Jay, has been described as the leader of the molestation ring, with media reports saying he used to transfer large sums of money to TikTokers in Lebanon and to sell child molestation videos on the dark web.

“Sweden has refused to hand him over to the Lebanese judiciary following a request from the Lebanese public prosecution, that’s why the Interpol has been asked to bring him to justice, especially after it turned out that he has two nationalities, which would allow him to leave Sweden to another country,” the source said.

“Sweden has become compelled to extradite Meouchi after a Red Notice was issued through the Interpol, especially that he is involved in money laundering after it turned out that he had made huge money transfers,” the source added.

The so-called TikTokers rape case has shaken Lebanon in recent weeks and several famous TikTokers have been arrested.

According to reports, the gang comprises 30 members, of whom at least 12 have been charged, while at least 30 children have been molested.

A judicial official has told AFP that minors who are famous on TikTok were used to lure other minors who were allegedly "drugged, raped and blackmailed into promoting drugs."

Suspects "raped them, filmed the rapes and then made them watch the videos, and blackmailed them, threatening to post the footage (online) if they spoke out," a security official said.

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