Report: US, Hochstein in high-level contacts to prevent Israel-Lebanon escalation


Several officials from the White House, the Pentagon and the U.S. State Department held contacts at the highest levels over the past few hours in a bid to prevent a major escalation between Israel and Hezbollah, a media report said.

“U.S. special envoy Amos Hochstein took part in part of these contacts and oversaw talks with Israeli and Lebanese officials in which he sought to lower the tensions and secure a return to the previous rules of engagement,” ad-Diyar newspaper reported on Friday.

Hochstein spoke of “a serious chance to reach sustainable agreements on the common (Lebanese-Israeli) border as a deal in Gaza nears, whose chances appear to be high in his opinion,” the daily added.

Hochstein also said that his country “does not want an all-out war and is seeking to prevent it,” while stressing “the need for restraint and preventing things from spiraling out of control from the Lebanese side,” ad-Diyar said.

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Missing phillipo 07 June 2024, 16:43

When will they learn that the State of Israel has no problem with the Republic of Lebanon. The problem, for both of them, is the terrorist oganisation, Hizballah, which is operating in the south of Lebanon on the border with Israel completely ignoring Resolution 1701.

Missing 1948 08 June 2024, 04:01

phillipo and his Zionist lies. the only terrorist in that area is you and your criminal state of Israel.

Missing phillipo 08 June 2024, 11:14

That guy stuck 77 years ago just doesn't (want to) know or comprehend what is going on in the 3rd decade of the 21st Century. Someone should tell him to wake up.

Thumb 09 June 2024, 02:04

Philippo, how profoundly naive it is to invoke the passage of time as a mitigating factor and expect to evade accountability. The Palestinian refugees have NOT been compensated, nor have they been provided with an alternative destination in which to rebuild their lives. Regardless, the Zionist entity, as we currently know it, is inexorably approaching its expiration.

a) The international community has meticulously documented a litany of egregious human rights violations against Palestinians, including unlawful killings, arbitrary arrests, and systematic discrimination. These actions are a flagrant affront to numerous international laws and conventions.

b) The relentless expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank is a direct contravention of international law, specifically the Fourth Geneva Convention. These settlements not only displace Palestinians but also create a fragmented and untenable living environment.

Thumb 09 June 2024, 02:05

c) The draconian blockade imposed on Gaza has precipitated a humanitarian catastrophe, severely restricting the movement of people and goods, and engendering widespread poverty and deprivation. This collective punishment of Gaza's civilian population constitutes a glaring violation of international law.

d) The right of return for Palestinian refugees, enshrined in UN Resolution 194, has been consistently disregarded. This persistent refusal to address the rights and needs of millions of displaced Palestinians remains a core issue in the conflict.

e) Increasingly, the global community, including many Jewish organizations, is recognizing and condemning the apartheid-like conditions imposed on Palestinians. This burgeoning international solidarity and pressure are accelerating the call for significant change.

Thumb 09 June 2024, 02:06

f) The economic and social policies imposed on Palestinians have resulted in extreme disparities. Access to essential resources such as water, healthcare, and education is severely restricted for Palestinians compared to Israeli settlers, creating an unsustainable and unjust system.

г) The BDS movement is gaining considerable traction worldwide, urging governments, institutions, and individuals to boycott Israeli products and divest from companies complicit in the occupation. This movement is an increasingly powerful instrument for holding Israel accountable for its actions.