Iraqi FM warns against expanding war on Lebanon


Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein on Thursday warned against any major Israeli attack on south Lebanon.

“I discussed with my Iranian counterpart the dangerous signals about the possibility of an attack on south Lebanon and the expansion of the war’s geography,” Hussein said after meeting acting Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani.

“This would affect the entire region and expanding the war is not only dangerous for Lebanon but rather for the whole region,” Hussein added.

The Iranian minister similarly called for "putting an end as quickly as possible, and without preconditions," to "war crimes" and "genocide" in the Gaza Strip.

He said Israel, in response to their "failure" in Gaza, "may seek to commit further wrongs and broaden the scope of their aggression", but Iran would not allow anyone "to harm stability and regional security, even if only a little."

The statements come after Israel assassinated senior Hezbollah military commander Taleb Abdallah, prompting the group to retaliate by firing around 200 rockets at key bases in north Israel -- the biggest number of projectiles fired in a single day since the start of the conflict.

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Missing HellAndWaite 13 June 2024, 16:42

Take note of Naharnet's use of quotes on "war crimes" and "genocide" in the article. The attribution to the Iranian minister is accurate and highlights that Naharnet is not attesting to a fact of either, merely reporting what someone said.

Same point about the UNHCR's report yesterday and use, in previous years, popularizing use the term "apartheid" in reference to the enemy to the South.

Just because Hezbollah-as-poodle, the Iraqi Hussein as conquered, and Iranians as aggressors want to repeat a psyops talk track doesn't make it so, no matter how often or how long the lies continue. Only a competent court can conclude any of those apply .. and none have, in the cases highlighted.