Report: Egypt presses US on preventing escalation in Lebanon


Egypt has delved into the ongoing efforts to prevent an Israel-Hezbollah escalation, after Hezbollah warned Cyprus against allowing Israel to use its territory in any war with Lebanon, a media report said.

“Officials from the Egyptian foreign ministry and intelligence services carried out contacts with the United States to contain the Israeli signals of escalation,” al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Friday.

“The contacts with Washington focused on the disastrous consequences for all parties should war erupt on the Lebanese front,” a senior Egyptian official told the daily.

The Egyptians stressed to the U.S. side the need to “deal seriously with the statements of Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and not to underestimate the military operations that Hezbollah might carry out,” al-Akhbar said.

According to the same Egyptian official, Washington is seeking to prevent an expansion of the war and it believes that the problem today is no longer about who will “fire the first shot,” but rather about “the repercussions that will happen in the absence of a clear vision that could stop the war if it erupts.”

“The Egyptian officials heard from the Americans that they are preparing to urgently send a high-ranking delegation to meet with Israeli officials and conduct a regional tour aimed at preventing war’s eruption,” the newspaper said, noting that some of the visits will be public.

Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel will meanwhile play a bigger role in the Lebanese file over the coming days, which might lead to a visit to Beirut soon by an Egyptian intelligence delegation, the daily revealed.

According to al-Akhbar, the contacts that Egypt has carried out included communication with Cypriot officials, who “emphasized that Nicosia does not intend to engage in any alliances or actions targeted against Lebanon nor to aid Israel in its war.”

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Thumb 21 June 2024, 13:19

I believe that they will abandon their plans. I am unwilling to consider the possibility of an invasion of Lebanon tomorrow. The Israeli Defense Forces are weary from the eight-month-long conflict/genocide in Gaza, and Hezbollah is not the same militia it was in 2006. It wouldn’t be unrealistic to envisage, seeing Hezbollah withdrawing north of the Litani in some sort of compromise was the terrorists regime of Tel Aviv.

Missing sattar_alvi 21 June 2024, 14:31

"The Israeli Defense Forces" ? Funny dude.

Thumb 21 June 2024, 17:46

IOF for the initiated !

Missing HellAndWaite 21 June 2024, 17:20

"Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati contacted Christodoulides on Thursday to thank him for his measured diplomatic response, referring to Christodoulides as a 'dear friend', a Cypriot source said."
. Source:

.. but will Makati deploy the Army to back-up his smile by ensuring it is a smile of friendship and not one of deceit?