Hezbollah attacks Israeli barracks after Jamaa Islamiya commander killed in strike


Hezbollah said Sunday it had targeted a military position in northern Israel with an armed drone in response to the killing of an Islamist commander.

Israel and the powerful Iran-backed group, a Hamas ally, have exchanged near-daily cross-border fire since the Gaza war erupted on October 7.

Hezbollah's announcement came hours after it published a video excerpt purporting to show locations in Israel along with their coordinates, amid heightening fears of an all-out conflict between the two foes.

On Saturday, the Jamaa Islamiya group announced the death of one of its commanders, Ayman Ghotmeh, saying he was killed "in a treacherous Zionist raid" in Khiara in Lebanon's West Bekaa area.

Israel later confirmed it had carried out the strike, saying Ghotmeh was responsible for supplying the Fajr Forces, Jamaa Islamiya's armed wing, and Hamas with weapons in the area.

Hezbollah on Sunday said its fighters launched a strike "with an attack drone" on a military leadership position in the Beit Hillel barracks "in response to the assassination carried out by the Israeli enemy in the town of Khiara."

The Israeli military meanwhile said in a statement that a drone had "crossed from Lebanon and fell in the area of Beit Hillel," adding that "no injuries were reported."

Cross-border tensions have surged over the past days, with Israel's military announcing on Tuesday that a plan for an offensive in Lebanon had been "approved and validated."

Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah responded with threats that no part of Israel would be spared in the event of an all-out war.

The Lebanese armed group on Saturday evening published a video showing Israeli positions and coordinates, along with an excerpt of Nasrallah's speech in which he says "if war is imposed on Lebanon, the resistance will fight without restrictions or rules."

Days earlier, it had circulated a nine-minute video showing aerial footage purportedly taken by the group over northern Israel, including what it said were sensitive military, defense and energy facilities and infrastructure in the city and port of Haifa.

The cross-border violence has killed at least 480 people in Lebanon, most of them fighters but also 93 civilians, according to an AFP tally.

Israeli authorities say at least 15 soldiers and 11 civilians have been killed in Israel's north.

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Missing HellAndWaite 23 June 2024, 15:38

Nasrallah's approach is to Israel's advantage. Hezbollah's repeatedly initiating military action against Israel gives the enemy to the south reason, international support, and opportunity for a relentlessly progressive campaign of targeted killings of Hezbollah's field commanders and leaders .. at times and places of their choosing, not Hezbollah's or Iran's or anyone else's. Netanyahu's government chooses who, how, and when to pick off each part of Hezbollah's organizational leadership.

Nasrallah is too afraid of the confusion that comes with a full-on war. He and his organization are unproven at maintaining military cohesion during such a fast paced period such as in an actual war. Though their equipment may be enough, They might lose because the organization might not be.

All that will cause Israel to occupy Lebanon from the Farms to Tartus and shame in the arrogance of Persian/Shia's idea. Lebanese would be Israeli because of Islamist expansionism.