Report: Arab efforts underway to pacify south Lebanon front


There are continuous Arab efforts aimed at pacifying the situation between Israel and Hezbollah in light of the latest threats and fears, an informed source told Kuwait’s al-Anba newspaper.

As for the Israeli threats against Lebanon, another informed source told al-Anba that “Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is threatening on the Lebanese front with the aim of pressing the U.S. administration to release the needed weapons deal, which according to Israel would speed up the control of Gaza.”

Hezbollah has said it will continue battling Israel until a cease-fire is reached in Gaza. Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel last week against launching a war, saying Hezbollah has new weapons and intelligence capabilities that could help it target more critical positions deeper inside Israel.

For its part Israel’s army last week said it had “approved and validated” a new plan for a Lebanon offensive.

Israeli strikes have killed more than 400 people in Lebanon, including 70 civilians. On Israel’s side, 16 soldiers and 10 civilians have been killed.

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