Cabinet Calls for Probe into Abuse of Ethiopian Domestic Worker

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The government condemned on Friday the abuse of an Ethiopian domestic worker and called for an investigation to refer the culprits to justice, Information Minister Walid al-Daouq announced.

“The cabinet denounced the violence against the Ethiopian maid in public and called for a probe to refer the suspects to the competent judiciary to take the necessary legal measures against them,” al-Daouq said following a session held at Baabda Palace.

The condemnation came after LBC TV obtained mobile phone footage of a man hitting the woman and pulling her hair under the gaze of bystanders outside the Ethiopian consulate in Beirut.

While the reasons of the incident were not clear, it brought back to the forefront of discussions the widespread abuse and sometimes the rape of domestic workers.

The labor ministry also condemned the attack, saying it launched an investigation as soon as it received a copy of the video from LBC.

The ministry’s statement said it also contacted the justice ministry to take the necessary legal measures against the culprits.

Many of the estimated 200,000 foreign domestic workers in Lebanon hail from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Ethiopia.

Although the Lebanese government issued a decree in 2009 that requires employers to abide by a set of rules including paying workers their salary in full at the end of each month and giving them one day off a week, advocacy groups say few employers respect these conditions.

In rare cases in the past few years, an employer was sentenced to 15 days in jail for repeatedly beating a Filipina worker and another sentenced to one month for abusing a Sri Lankan maid and confining her to the house.

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Default-user-icon rewati (Guest) 09 March 2012, 14:41

Many countries import domestic workers from abroad, usually from poorer countries, through recruitment agencies and brokers because their own nationals are no longer obliged or inclined to do domestic work.
Documentary - "Nightmare in Dreamland" the documentary casts light on everyday life in the dazzling glitter and glamour of Dubai and reveals the two-faced brutality and the socially accepted abuse of power on which much of its domestic life is based.

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Default-user-icon Kamal Farkhash (Guest) 09 March 2012, 14:56

These filthy Lebanese would even beat their own mothers. Throw them in jail and let them rot in there. And anyone who gets involved to secure their release should also be thrown in jail with them. What kinds of animals are being raised in Lebanon?

Default-user-icon Kamal Farkhash (Guest) 09 March 2012, 17:25

Correct. This is why I said "these filthy Lebanese" and was talking about these Lebanese animals and those who raise them, not all Lebanese. Of course, there are animals everywhere, but this is even more shameful in an open "self-proclaiming" democratic society with a reasonably high level of education. And we have been witnessing countless similar incidents.

Thumb cedar 09 March 2012, 20:52

Well said

Missing ulpianus 10 March 2012, 00:18

What a stupid, stupid Low IQ comment.

Missing lebcan 10 March 2012, 01:22

OK i agree with you these Saudis who ran a maid over with there car are real low lifes ... God that is sad... But please i hope your simply not directing your discussed at Muslims in Saudi in General because all creeds of humans on this PLANET have element of PURE evil in them... its just the good people need to stand up against these thugs were ever they may come from.

Missing helicopter 09 March 2012, 15:13

Wow, if this much can happen in Public, how much abuse can they commit once she is inside their home. Makes me sad and embarrased to be Lebanese. Politicians disregard the constitution and people disregard courts.

Default-user-icon Minx (Guest) 09 March 2012, 15:28

This man should go straight to jail dragged on the floor by his hair and shoved in the back seat of a car

Default-user-icon tockicho (Guest) 09 March 2012, 15:34

what an stupid thing are these people doing. i hope the the victim should get justice.

Default-user-icon 4G (Guest) 09 March 2012, 15:54

Shame on the criminal offenders and the government if they don't act.We Lebanese complain of racism once we outside our country,Lebanese people are the most racist people on earth.Shame.

Default-user-icon Darwish (Guest) 09 March 2012, 16:37

Yes (us) Lebanese are the most racist hypocrites one can ever meet... We are good at pretending being religious, promoters of a land of saints or holiness or dialogue and by criticizing "Israel's racism"... Uncivilized pretentious losers we are...

Default-user-icon nicol (Guest) 09 March 2012, 16:12

this is such a terrible thing looking at it.......and no other men around did anything to protect her!!!!!!!! What a shame!!!!! It's awful!!!! Where are the politicians?? POOR MAIDS OF LEBANON!!!

Default-user-icon Lolita (Guest) 09 March 2012, 16:19

horrible monster, all beasts like this one should not be forgiven. Hope one day, "maids" get a better treatment for their hard work.

Default-user-icon somali (Guest) 09 March 2012, 16:26

Where is the Ethiopian government? Shame on the Lebanese people, who does this inhuman act.

Missing ulpianus 10 March 2012, 00:20

Cmon, how many idiots can you find on one site! Before any of us will have better countries, we will have to learn how to NOT generalize. What does Lebanese have to do with this? By the way, I heard a lot about the humanity loving and highly democratic "AL shabab" in Somalia...

Missing paulm458989 07 April 2012, 13:09

ulpenis ...just admit what history knows as fact. Arabs are the worst slavers in the history of the world. Look to your history, ponder it ..and then fix it if you are man enough, which i doubt

Default-user-icon Wissam (Guest) 09 March 2012, 16:31

Why were the faces of the perpetrators covered up by LBC? Why is their identity protected? If they did such a criminal act in public, it seems they had nothing to be ashamed of. They should be exposed, ridiculed and above all prosecuted.

Default-user-icon Mahmoud (Guest) 09 March 2012, 16:36

The animal is not only the guy who is beating her. What about the viewers?. Those are the real animals, that see and injustice like this and do nothing. We deserve to be treated like animals when we are out of the country.

Default-user-icon NatoTaye (Guest) 09 March 2012, 16:41

An Ethiopian in the streets of Beirut?! Well ...

Thumb libnani 09 March 2012, 17:21

My dad is Lebanese, my mom is Ethiopian. As someone who lives as the embodiment of human coexistence this sickens me. We are all human beings. Why treat others lower than yourself? No I will be honest that it could have been worse but this is bad enough to prompt an investigation. Inshallah he will be found and she will leave. Also, Ethiopian government must do more on this issue. Some Arabs have no values whatsoever.

Default-user-icon Mohamed Marouni (Guest) 09 March 2012, 17:48

what a national tragedy and shame...our politicians in all their colours need to be ashamed to allow this continuous abuse of domestic workers. Stop talking politics and giving speeches and start acting....i am so ashamed and sorry. I apologize to every domestic worker and ask for forgiveness...there are still Lebanese out there that respect other humans...and humble enough to say we are sorry.

Default-user-icon shame on you (Guest) 09 March 2012, 18:15

i wish i was there to protect her and give these guys a good lesson. SHAME

Default-user-icon John Holmes (Guest) 09 March 2012, 19:25

Why is everyone so surprised...we Lebanese (OK not all but at least 95%) are totally barbaric. Not only towards maids but towards each other. Let's face it, we are far from being remotely civilized no matter how much we long to be. It's an unsafe dirty country with no respect for human life, animal life and don't sound so surprised...we respect nothing but uncle sams green bill!!!!

Default-user-icon Anonymous TX USA (Guest) 09 March 2012, 20:02

Here is what i suspect will happen - And i sure hope i am wrong.
The Cabinet's call for probe - will remain a call.
And the Competent Judiciary will take note of the incident but will not take any action - I don't think they will even try to identify the perpetrator, they will just file it under unknown assaillant (even though they have his picture on video).
If there is a public uproar, then they might bring the perpetrator to justice just for propaganda purposes - but in reality he will only get a slap on the wrist - Tops.
Again i sure hope i am wrong on this - but my hunch tells me i am not.

Default-user-icon A Proud Lebanese (Guest) 09 March 2012, 20:16

That is quite apprehensive. May the Lord Jesus Christ
forgive him because he know not what he does...
As to the Ethiopian lady, may the Lord protect her and help her
get through such an ordeal. What a shame. What a disgrace!!!

Default-user-icon Pff (Guest) 13 March 2012, 06:02

from ethiopia christian, I accept your apology,, but this must be shia or Islam jin doing this... Islam is killing, hate machine man ever known... it caused so much pain since it inception by that Mohamed lunatic... his lunatic possised by demanic jinny caused too much pain....

Default-user-icon antoine (Guest) 09 March 2012, 20:18

here come the racists who start blaming the "lebanese people" for the crime of a few citizens.
Criminals and racists are in every society and battery is a crime that is rampant in most societies including western nations.

Default-user-icon Cathy (Guest) 09 March 2012, 20:22

It makes my blood boil seeing this happen to a PERSON!!! she is someones daughter, sister or wife. It really is sickening. And the worst part of it is that no one helped her.

Default-user-icon assaad (Guest) 09 March 2012, 20:43

Nobody even tried to intervene to help this poor woman. It shows how cowardly really are lebanese people. Shame on us.

Default-user-icon Mustefe (Guest) 09 March 2012, 23:47

As an ethiopian, shame on our government...Its so sad!!!

Default-user-icon hassen (Guest) 10 March 2012, 00:14

shame on you lebanese people you live like animal guys !

Default-user-icon hassen (Guest) 10 March 2012, 00:16

you guys are animals

Default-user-icon hassen (Guest) 10 March 2012, 00:17

you guys are animals

Default-user-icon tk (Guest) 10 March 2012, 00:23


Default-user-icon merto le mariam (Guest) 10 March 2012, 00:35

This is the tip of the ice-bureg. About time the atrocity of those who bring maids from abroad be investigated. I commend the beginning of the investigation,and hope the Government representatives make sure that people are treated like human beings. This is a wide spread problem in neighbouring countries as well.

Default-user-icon Samir Tayoune (Guest) 10 March 2012, 00:38

who cares what you have heard you dipshit..

Default-user-icon guest (Guest) 10 March 2012, 01:05

they should beat this guy good...

Missing lebcan 10 March 2012, 01:25

If thats true LBC should plaster his company name all over on ad boards...

Default-user-icon Ziad (Guest) 10 March 2012, 03:37

the report said that this happened in front of the Ethiopian consulate?!? what's the embassy doing there if not to protect it's own!

Thumb jcamerican 10 March 2012, 12:47

OH yeah, they are all hearts in Lebanon. As long they get their slave, they don't care what agency they are dealing with. The government encourage these acts. Do you ever see them at the airport, how they are treated.

Thumb jcamerican 10 March 2012, 12:50

What the hell most of the women do in Lebanon? Look for extra curricular activities, or extra marital affairs.

Default-user-icon Jay (Guest) 10 March 2012, 03:29

Allah Kabeer and his watching.

Default-user-icon Cycle (Guest) 10 March 2012, 04:11

I hate the person who was dragging the girl that I am happy what the Israelis did to Lebanon. I am happy the Arab men beat their wife because they abuse the maids.

I hate myself for wishing evil on innocents people. Is this life?

I hate Arabs as a group.

Default-user-icon Papoul (Guest) 10 March 2012, 05:27

All Lebanese should clean there own mess and stop slavery. The spend most of there money on tefnees and showing off.

Thumb ado.australia 10 March 2012, 05:30

absolutely disgusting. why didn't anyone help her? all those people standing there watching the girl get beaten. makes me sick. these dogs need to rot in jail and lebanese government needs to act disivley by passing legislation to punish these acts., instead of empty talk of referring to relevant authorities.

Default-user-icon papoul (Guest) 10 March 2012, 05:36

Lebanese should clean their own mess and stop slavery. Stop tefnees and respect your brother in humanity. They thing you can buy people by there money at the same time they think they are religious society .

Default-user-icon Simen Fox (Guest) 10 March 2012, 05:59

Middle east is rotten ! backwardness, lack of understanding religious and ideological diversity. Specially Lebanon, Saudi, Syria, and the list goes on......
People ain't civilize !! I wish this happened in front of my face and I could have stab your Retard Azz and show you How I'm. ........

Default-user-icon ethiopian (Guest) 10 March 2012, 08:48

I wish some Ethiopian find this low life and kill him or burn him to death, he will pay for this, ignorant motherfucker!

Default-user-icon GIO78 (Guest) 10 March 2012, 10:14

All of you above talking about government involvement, I ask which government you are all talking about, there is no government in lebanon, there are a lot of politicians who work day and night to serv their own interests.

Default-user-icon Solo (Guest) 10 March 2012, 13:43

Inhuman action against helpless maids in Lebanon are continuing. Please,countries who have citezn in that country unite and save your people. My sisters and brothers, Let GOD save your lives.

Default-user-icon Zewdu teshome (Guest) 10 March 2012, 14:46

It very disgusting. Even the peoples surrounding her are not willing to support her. This is really amazing. i have seen a lot of animals in Lebanese and they must get severe punishemnet for what they deserve

Default-user-icon Hager Tenessa (Guest) 10 March 2012, 15:43

This is not only disgusting but a cause to raise questions both for the Libanese and Ethiopian governments. When shall the Libanese government take a lasting solution against such uncivilized and inhumane practice against such poor girl abandoned by her government of Meles Zenawi, the swindler of his country to feed his political cronies.
When shall the minority Tigrean/Ethiopian government pose for a signle minute from their busy act of looting the wealth of that ancient and historical nation and protect their subjects.

Default-user-icon Gizat (Guest) 10 March 2012, 22:06

This time isHard time for Ethiopians: people living in Ethiopia are tortured and violated by Ethiopian gov't and when they leave Ethiopia got abuse harassment by their employer.
Ethiopia is calling to world human right group.

Default-user-icon asemahagne abebe (Guest) 11 March 2012, 00:37

how couled human being act so hanesley? these so called domestic workers they clean their rabish baby seat their kid and they cook for their whole fammiley they dont deserved this kind of viciouse treatme it,s just like misstreating your owen fammily i am not saying the whole lebannis peopel they are that way but what i saw on this video no one try to help this poor girl that absolutley disgusting

Default-user-icon dagi (Guest) 11 March 2012, 04:54

Do they call them self a man. Shameful act of a cowered. Most racist persons they r racist because they have inferiority complex. By the way if the quarrel was with a man half their size I know they would have wetted their pants.

Default-user-icon Dereje (Guest) 11 March 2012, 08:07

These Lebanese thugs were cowardly bastards for attacking a helpless woman. What is even more shocking, the bystanders who were indifferent to the suffering of a fellow human being. These thugs were committing such crime with impunity in a broad daylight within feet of the Ethiopian consulate. If the Lebanese government does not prosecute these scumbag pigs to the fullest of the law, the government itself is culpable.

Default-user-icon seyoum (Guest) 11 March 2012, 09:01

oh...whats going on.IF you know Ethiopian well, they are respect people above any one.But don't forget they are breve heart by their identity .Goad will give you the response as soon on this arrogant mane .

Default-user-icon Bisrat (Guest) 11 March 2012, 13:15

There are plenty of crook big belly Lebanese in many parts of Africa, they are not far away from our hand.

Default-user-icon Michele (Guest) 11 March 2012, 18:07

If the Lebanese Government beleave to be a civilized and democratic country, he should persecute and punish the acts. In the other hand if the Ethiopian Goverment beleave to stand and to represent the Ethiopians, and has the proverbial heroism, should at any cost stand the perpetrators in front of justice.

Default-user-icon Bejirond (Guest) 12 March 2012, 06:17

This is a trend more serious than the condition in Afganistan or Syria, yet very much ignored by the world. Our sisters migrate to these wealthy arab countries to make some income and support their folks back at home. They do not realize the tremendeous risk they put themselves into. Most of them experience horrific conditions and they return home with lasting scars and emotional wounds. some get killed and no one knows their whereabouts. Others commit suiside. I hate to say it, but from all this, we're learning that the arab population in general hates Ethiopians or is very uncivilised, barbaric and ignorant. No one is saying it, but our beautiful and mostly kind and friendly girls are being abused, harrased,insulted, at times boiling water being thrown on their faces, raped and more.. by thses arabs who have no regard for life what so ever. We need to educate everyone at home never to go to thses countries or risk death!

Default-user-icon Ebrahim (Guest) 12 March 2012, 15:51

Lebanese is the most terrorist country against humanities. There policy against women is the worst in the planet. The most dangerous country to visit. No women are protected in this land. The country is known by violence against women or tourist. This is the fact of there daily act of violence.

Default-user-icon H_M (Guest) 12 March 2012, 21:47

Disturbing brutality to see the video!! Let's not jump into a conclusion by blaming the Lebanese poeple.The man was clearly lost his mind to act this way. It's distrubing to watch such horrific acts of mankind and hopefully the end result will be JUSTICE!

Default-user-icon Lemma (Guest) 13 March 2012, 00:46

Such assaults, repression and killing are happening frequently in most of Arab countries to cite some: Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates etc. Arabs have a history of hatred and suspicion against Ethiopians because they consider Ethiopia a land. Of Christians and Jews. But the fact is in Ethiopia there are more Muslims than Christians and black Jews do not account more than 1% of the Ethiopian population. I don`t blame the Arabs but what I blame and hold responsible for the sufferings and deaths of Ethiopians in the Middle East is the so called Ethiopian government. Because it sends thousands of Ethiopian girls to the Middle East. Knowing the hostility and dangers which wait Ethiopians. For the government of Melesse Zenawe Ethiopian lives is worthless, and what important is dollar and Euro.

Default-user-icon Yomi (Guest) 13 March 2012, 11:22

Shame on us all Ethiopians. What we have let happen by TPLF at home to us is being dramatically multiplied in Arab countries. Thus, to reverse the situation we have to clean our home and then deal with others respectively.

Default-user-icon Darara (Guest) 14 March 2012, 01:21

the worst of all, to be beaten in front of the Ethiopian embassy. that means, the Arabs don't have respect to the whole nation. I am just curios if the do respect other Africans?

Missing paulm458989 07 April 2012, 12:44

ok someone help me please. it is now easter saturday. i just got an email from a terrified domestic worker in Beirut. She is breaking her contract because she was abused by her "host" family. Now she is trying to get home. She has sent all her money to her family . They are too poor to help her. The filthy Lebanese dog agent said he would give her passport back and buy her ticket home if she stays with him at his home and pays him $ 300 . She is terrified because he is trying to touch her and kiss her. I have called the Ethiopian Embassy in Beirut answer. I have called the Lebanese and Ethiopian Consul -Generals in Australia where i am ..No Answer. What can we do to stop these dogs??? She is desperate

Default-user-icon h (Guest) 12 April 2012, 17:57

give me the name of the dog .