Nasrallah and Hamas Delegation Tackle Latest Developments

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah held a meeting with a delegation from Hamas headed by Deputy Hamas Politburo Chief Mousa Abu Marzouk, As Safir newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The delegations tackled the latest developments in Syria, Gaza and the situation in the Arab world, in addition to the ties between Hizbullah, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The gatherers agreed with Nasrallah during the meeting that took place on Monday on formulating a plan “to resolve the developments in Syria and the relations with the Muslim Brotherhood amid the developments in the Arab World,” sources told the daily.

Concerning the developments in Syria, the source said that both sides had similar opinions as “the military option will not resolve the crisis and there would be no alternative other than implementing the political reforms.”

Nasrallah, according to the daily, informed the delegation that the Syrian leadership is keen to suggest practical solutions and to “open up” to the national opposition if it was ready to solve the crisis politically without relying foreign countries.

The two also agreed on cooperating to find the “right channels to improve Iran’s ties with the Arab countries which would be based on trust, especially with the Muslim Brotherhood,” the sources noted.

On the escalating situation in Gaza, both sides stressed that “the Israeli enemy bears full responsibility… the situation aims at putting more pressure on the resistance… This forces preparations for any new war staged by Israel.”

The violence in Gaza kicked off on March 9 with Israel's assassination of the head of the radical Popular Resistance Committees (PRC).

The strike prompted militants to fire hundreds of rockets and mortar rounds into southern Israel, wounding people and prompting the closure of schools within firing range of Gaza.

Israel responded with dozens of air strikes. Palestinian medics put the total death toll late on Monday at 25, with more than 80 injured.

Hizbullah and Hamas also tackled the preparations for a rally organized by pro-Syrian Lebanese parties and Palestinian factions in areas bordering Israel on March 30 on Earth Day.

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Thumb jcamerican 14 March 2012, 13:08

They need each other for their survival. Or the west will find a way to get rid of them both. Israel initiated the hostility, assuming that Hamas has no backing from Syria, while Hizballah showed the opposite.

Missing helicopter 14 March 2012, 17:51

I hope the West will succeed and also get rid of Likud, so we can have a Palestenian State and strengthen moderates in the hood who abide by reason and coexistence.

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 15 March 2012, 14:50

Palestinian state will be as moderate as Taliban in Afganistan, more likely like Iran.
You can see now how much moderate is Gaza under the Hamas.
How free are women there. how democratic is the Hamas. ask the PLO and El Fatch memnbers how did they feel to be like parachuters only with no parachute when they were pushed from 10th floor down.