Suleiman, Miqati Support Charbel’s Proposal on Electoral Law

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister Najib Miqati have voiced their support for Interior Minister Marwan Charbel’s proposal on the parliamentary electoral law, the minister told An Nahar in remarks published on Sunday.

Charbel made his statements after holding talks on Saturday afternoon with the president and premier on the various proposals on the electoral law.

The meeting was also attended by former ministers Ziad Baroud and Khalil al-Hrawi.

Charbel had proposed that an electoral law based on proportional representation be adopted in the 2013 parliamentary polls.

“We discussed at the meeting the political circumstances that have accompanied this proposal,” he added.

“Several citizens have voiced their support for proportional representation,” he revealed.

He stated that the proposal will be presented at cabinet “as soon as possible, maybe even in a session after the one that is scheduled for Tuesday.”

Meanwhile, a prominent March 14 parliamentary source told the daily that the government discussions on the electoral law “mean nothing as long as illegitimate arms are still spread in Lebanon.”

“Government will not achieve any progress over the electoral law, but the issue will be resolved at parliament,” he stressed.

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Default-user-icon The Patriot (Guest) 01 April 2012, 11:44

“Several citizens have voiced their support for proportional representation,”... he says... and I agree because I am one of those... I never voted in Lebanon before but will do if his proposal is accepted... I still have one request... to eliminate the requirement for the president is Maronite and allow any Christian candidate regardless of his religious affiliation be it Greek orthodox, Melkite, Protestant, etc... to run for President... we are not goats and there are plenty of qualified Christian candidates...

Thumb cedar 01 April 2012, 16:48

International Voting for Lebanese.

If that is the one and only law that is passed in the entire governments history - that will fix lebanon.

Christian control of Lebanon again via Kataeb and Lebanese Forces

Missing ulpianus 01 April 2012, 19:41

How can a person get so much rubbish out of the same mouth? Sorry for saying this but you deserve it.

What we need is extremist like you, and extremist on the "other side" leaving the country, and letting us choose a government based on what you know, what education you have and your CV. Not your "religion".

Besides, having a religion does not mean anything as most kataeb and LF members ( politicians) clearly do not live according to what christianity tells them. Same comes to the muslim politicians. For sure they are all of them having fun together in Casino Du Liban every weekend.

But internationally voting for Lebanese would be Great!

Default-user-icon Murad (Guest) 01 April 2012, 17:33

How does international voting for parliamentary elections make sense when polling is split into many districts? Anyway, on the bright side, bye bye Jumblatt!

Missing ulpianus 01 April 2012, 19:37

U seem to forget that the same maniacs that are in the government now, were in the previous governments with M14.

M14+M8= Ma elon 3aze kelon 3ala ba3don 22

Thumb chrisrushlau 01 April 2012, 19:53

This article does not tell us what "proportional representation" means in this bill. I remember from a month or two ago when this proposal was under discussion that I looked it up on Google, etc., and it does not mean an end to the Taif Accord or sectarianism. It is some tiny niggling detail under the unchanged, totally-messed-up system Lebanon has now. Why can't Naharnet discuss the actual situation of voting?

Thumb cedar 01 April 2012, 22:34

@ ulpianus, the removal of secterian voting system in Lebanon will mean the distruction of the Lebanese Christians.

On a level that you probably dont understand because you dont know what i know. I dont mean to be arrogent - but i would love for Lebanon to live in peace and people vote for whoever they want without religion being involved - BUT you remove religion from Lebanon and you remove Lebanons heart and soul... and on a higher level that you dont comprehend properly that means the distruction of Lebanon and its Christians.

The issue here is the Devil - working thru the Muslims and the Jews to eliminate the Christians in Lebanon, also mabye beyond your comprehension.

Thumb cedar 01 April 2012, 22:39

@ flamethrower
Kataeb failed because Amin loves himself, and Because GeaGea is a hillbilly.

I am Old School Kataeb - we believe in Lebanon for both Christians and Muslims side by side in peace - But we dont believe Lebanon is Arab - We never agreed to it when we made the Lebanese Flag!

Default-user-icon Johnny (Guest) 02 April 2012, 10:40

@ chrisrushlau... the proportional representation they are suggesting means that Muslims and Christians alike will be able to vote for the candidate on their own sect now. for example in Tripoli, the Muslim voters choose what christian will be elected. but this isn't the only reason they are proposing it... in mixed areas hizballah voters help FPM get elected, and same goes for future voters helping LF and Kataeb and vice versa. this would eliminate that. you can see why certain officials oppose it... alot of parties do not politically benefit from this...