Jewish Rabbis in Surprise Visit to Sidon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Residents of the southern city of Sidon were surprised on Monday to see two rabbis touring Jewish sites in the city's old quarter.

The two American members of Neturei Karta -- a group of anti-Zionist Jews who believe that the state of Israel should not exist -- came to a former synagogue inhabited for decades by families in the "Jewish quarter" where now only the Star of David and Hebrew inscriptions are visible.

"For 40 years we have not seen a rabbi in Sidon. And the last Jewish families left after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, fearing reprisals," said one resident on condition of anonymity, adding that they still had land and property in the city.

Still recognized as one of 18 religious denominations in Lebanon, the Jewish community has shrunk over the years from 22,000 members in the early 20th century to 300, according to unofficial estimates.

Around their necks the two visiting rabbis wore Palestinian keffiyehs, and a badge on their chest proclaimed in English and Arabic "A Jew, not a Zionist."

The two men also went to the city's Jewish cemetery, where hundreds of Lebanese Jews are buried following their deaths during the 1975-1990 civil war. The cemetery has been vandalized several times.

The rabbis also visited the tomb of Zebulon, a son of the biblical patriarch Jacob, a previous pilgrimage site.

"We (Jews) lived in peace before the advent of the worldwide Zionist movement. The Israeli occupation has contributed to a feeling of hatred against Jews," said Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss.

On March 30 the two joined the south Lebanon procession marking the annual Land Day, commemorating the death in 1976 of six Israeli Arabs during protests against land confiscations by the Jewish state.

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Default-user-icon Muhamada (Guest) 02 April 2012, 23:36

The Zionist, Hezbollah and Syrian regime are the main problem, keeping the real people of the region separated apart. Christian, Jews and Islam lived side by side peacefully all times.

Missing ulpianus 03 April 2012, 00:22

Good news.

Default-user-icon Woody (Guest) 03 April 2012, 00:52

It was about time. If Lebanon is a mosaic for all communities, what about
the lebanese jews? why are they excluded from lebanese state representation? Christian Muslims and Jews are the backbone and Lebanese should not forget. Iranian Jews live peacefully there, why notin Lebanon?

Default-user-icon Leo (Guest) 03 April 2012, 02:15

This diffinently prove religious tolerance, even though it seems very strange

Default-user-icon sam (Guest) 03 April 2012, 05:48

They are brave.. And i am very proud of them

Default-user-icon Edy (Guest) 03 April 2012, 10:02

There will never be peace in the Middle East until Arabs make Peace with the Jews. It is true that Israel has made grave errors toward the Palestinians. However, Arabs and Muslims must abhor all kinds of hatred toward the Jews. It is a known fact that Muslims are raised with the thinking that all of their misery comes from Jews and the Christian West. Many conspiracies are created around Jewish Hegemony of the world. Muslims should acknowledge the contribution of Jews in Science and Philosophy to the world has made them pioneer in every domain. Just look at how most Nobel Peace Prices are awarded to Jews. Once Muslims admit that most of their misery is self inflicted, then they will free themselves from the destructive victimhood mentality and start contributing positively to mankind. They should remember the Qur'an's advice: "God does not change the condition of People until they change what within themselves".

Thumb Chupachups 03 April 2012, 13:02

are arabs even at peace with each other first?

Default-user-icon Edy (Guest) 03 April 2012, 10:04

These two Ribis are very courageous to show themselves in public and in the midst of hatred that is surrounding them.

Thumb jcamerican 03 April 2012, 12:06

If there was hatred as you think, they would have been slaughtered. Religion is not the problem, the leaders are.

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 03 April 2012, 17:48

Yes there's so little hatred that Huzb Allah television teaches children to suicide bomb jews. Everyone knows the people in the south love jews...

Default-user-icon Disgusted (Guest) 03 April 2012, 12:28
... Check it out... These two Rabbis are well commended for their courage in braving a hostile zip code that knows no limits... The hatred which is shown by Lebanese is not only towards Jews but towards eachother among the various religious Christian and Muslim sects who are increasingly showing a vicious rift... It is a shame...

Default-user-icon Edy (Guest) 03 April 2012, 13:06

It is a fact that Muslims grow up with the belief that Jews and the West are the source of all of their problems and misery. Whether you like it or not Islam is politicized. Most Muslim Religious education focuses on wars, Futuhat Islamiya, and fighting anyone who is not a Muslim. Ex Crusades, fighting the Jews, and fighting anyone who does not condone to Political Islam. The religion has become racist simply because the preachers of the Religion put their main focus on Jihad against the Infidels. So Muslims grow up with a mindset of no tolerance toward the non-believers. Trust me, I used to be a Muslim, and I know what is being discussed behind doors. Just go to the Mosque and listen to the supplication : "Oh God fight the Kufar ( Christians and Jews and anyone who is non-Muslim). " Oh God make us victorious over the Kuffar". If this is not a call for Jihad against non-Muslims than what is it? You be the judge.

Missing ulpianus 03 April 2012, 16:00

Stop with your propaganda. I grew up with this propaganda In Europe, and none of it is true.
Arabs do not grow up to hate jews, nor does Islam say that you have to hate jews.
It´s a propaganda to gain support for israel. As usual, you take words that you think are from the quran, and out of their sentence, and historical context. People know better than that.
In fact, the first pages in the quran talks about respect to other religions ( christianity and judaism).

...AND muslims did NOT kill 6 million jews, remember? I guess you can tell everyone in here who killed 6 million jews?

You forgot Christians vs Jews in your lies.

Missing ulpianus 03 April 2012, 16:02

...and what crap talk about jihad against the infidels? How many countries do you see talk about this? Have you heard miqati talk about jihad against the infidels? Have you heard any statesman talk about this in any other country? Yes, there is Hassouna and the wahabi al qaida, but then? Remember, jews have been living in the middle of the arab world, in peace, until the 40:s. Not thanks to Europe. In fact, on different occasions, being slaughtered in countries like, Estland, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain and the list is long. Not allowed to live in countries by law, like for example in Sweden until the 1800 century.
The real "nemesis" of european christianity have been jews (according to the christians), through all time. The history is though washed away these days to try making people think muslims hate jews.

Default-user-icon Edy (Guest) 03 April 2012, 13:54

What Hatred? Are you blind to see the daily killings between Muslims and Muslims, Muslims and Non-Muslims? What was the Lebanese civil war all about? Wasn't it because out Lebanese soles are full of hatred? Habebe, there isn't a day that goes by and you always hear people cursing eachother's faiths. Muslim Vs Christian, Muslim Vs Jews, Suni Vs Shia..... The Lebanese people are full of hypocrisy and religious bigotry.

Missing ulpianus 03 April 2012, 17:29

Slash. you are totally missunderstanding what I was saying, I really didnt mean that Christians are so or so. It was an answer to Edy who was generalizing.
PLUS, I dont think you know as much as I do about the second world war, and really dont think you are capable of lecturing me here.

...answering your "facts" it was not only germans killing jews, but they got (rightly) the biggest blame for it. Jews were being killed in Estland and in plenty of other countries. Those countries happened to be Christians. The germans, were christians at that time ( and are now).

If you have heard about the Catholic Kings, that slaughtered and threw out every non christian from spain you would know better.

Missing ulpianus 03 April 2012, 17:29

My point is not blaming christianity, islam or judaism for anything. My point is that all parties,commited wrongs through history, thanks to politics but the picture given today, that muslims are behind this is really throwing a stone in glass houses as they say.
Note that I also wrote " european christianity". I guess you fail to see this.

Missing ulpianus 03 April 2012, 17:36

Slash, by the way for educational reasons: It was not germans against the world, as many countries sided with Germany like Italy for example. Even Belgiums king ( most people dont know about this) sided with Hitler, which later changed. Spain actively sided with the germans, even sending soldiers to the front with russia.
Then you have countries that were "neutral" but let soldiers pass, and let the nazis ( troops) use their railroods like Sweden.

List is long. Nice to see though, that you know how to differ between a german and a christian but fail to differ between a wahabi extremist and ur fellow lebanese ordinary muslim.

Missing ulpianus 03 April 2012, 18:36

Slash. Good seems we agree on many points.

When i mentioned you differentiating between a wahabi and a muslim, I refered to you being so quick at pointing that it was not christians but germans. Well, you should have been that quick when "Edy" is generalizing about muslims.

Last thing about the Hitler vs jews issue: Those problems existed in Europe far before Hitler. Jews could not own land in Europe, and could not officially live in many countries ( list is long here too).

Anyway. I dont give one "franc" for HA. So lets talk about positive stuff we agree on hehe

Missing sergio 03 April 2012, 15:22

Mowaten writes : . these people are ten times more deserving of respect than the lebanese, wether christian sunni druze or shia, who fall for zionism and think it can be anything else than a hideous parasitic monster. JUST LIKE YOUR BELOVED ONE OF FPM LEADERS FAYEZ KARAM. You filthy Bastards.

Thumb kesrweneh 03 April 2012, 16:19

Sergio you should read leagl stuff more, Karam was convicted based on forged SS investigations, of contacting the ennemy not collaborating with him. Knowledge my friend knowledge, it's power

Default-user-icon Edy (Guest) 03 April 2012, 16:34

Ulpianus: Tell that to the Jewish who have recently lost some of their members who were killed by a Muslim Madman in France. Evidence of Muslim hatred and discrimination against non-Muslims are everywhere. Just look at the Kopts in Egypt, The Christians of Nigeria, The The Christians in Kenia, The christians in South Soudan, The Christians in Iraq. If you give Muslim Fundamentalist power, they will most likely start discriminating against the Infidels. Oh and did I forget to mension that Christians cannot worship their God in Saudi Arabia which is the cradle of Islam? Christians are not allowed to build Churches in Saudi Arabia. Are these enough evidence of Muslim Intolerance or you need more?

Default-user-icon Edy (Guest) 03 April 2012, 17:23

Keserwaneh. What is the diference between contacting the enemy and collaborating with him. Karam has been in contact for many years. What was the purpose of the contact? Just playing Chess or playing with each others balls? I have coment on all these Spy acusations. Howcome we never hear of Syrian colaborators? Didn't the Syrians also ocupy Lebanon and raped the hell out of Lebanon?

Default-user-icon Anonymous TX USA (Guest) 03 April 2012, 18:11

It is time to encourage the Lebanese Jews to return back to Lebanon
If Lebanon is truely to get rid of tensions among its sects (Shiaa/Sunni - Sunni/Christians), then the best remedi is having them adapt to a Jewish community living amongs them. Acheive that, and Lebanon will be able to live up to its reputation of being the most tolerant country in the Middle-East.
Mind you, i am talking about Lebanese Jews, who have nothing to do with Israel, and had to leave Lebanon due to the civil war, like many other Lebanese did.
They should be contacted, encouraged to return by offering them job-posts, and be allocated compensations for rebuilding their homes, similar to what all other communities, villages received.

Missing allouchi 04 April 2012, 19:20

Excellent news. We also should encourage the Jews of Lebanon to return home.