Deliberate Bourj Hammoud Tire Blaze Causes 'Environmental Disaster'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Unidentified individuals on Friday deliberately set fire to used tires dumped in an area adjacent to the Bourj Hammoud landfill, causing an “environmental disaster” and sending plumes of smoke that filled the sky over Beirut and its suburbs.

According to MTV, the fire -- which was first reported as having taken place in Bourj Hammoud’s landfill – resulted from the burning of tires by “those who want to financially benefit from the copper (contained in tires), whose prices have soared lately.”

MTV said the perpetrators are “well-known and the state does not need any telecom data to find them.”

Residents speaking to MTV described the scene as disastrous, saying the smell of toxic chemicals invaded their houses.

It is not the first time the area has witnessed such an incident.

MTV said Environment Minister Nazem al-Khouri will form a specialized panel to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

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Missing peace 27 April 2012, 22:17

lebanon is a PITY and a 10 520 KM2 dump... nobody cares about environment, all rivers polluted, air is unbreathable, only concrete no green spaces in beirut and so on...

are their any responsible politicians to take care of the country instead of their pockets?????????????

Default-user-icon the miror (Guest) 27 April 2012, 22:42

If the perpetrators are well known , they are selfish killers , they should be flogged & crossed like Jesus Christ not to repeat these again.
Every day , we are encountering such deeds , I am mad enough to kill these known people with my bare hands .

Default-user-icon the miror (Guest) 27 April 2012, 22:58

If these selfish Known Perpetrators are not punished as criminals , who are killing babies with these poison smoke every day , people should not pay you anymore .What kind of "Daracks " are You .
where is the MP in charge , was he elected to sleep on such crimes .
We need Justice to take over & stop these smokes in Bourj Hammoud once & for all .

Default-user-icon Joe (Guest) 27 April 2012, 23:41

sadly, none.

Missing peace 28 April 2012, 00:32

i was taking a bit more from israel ;)

Default-user-icon Mi Vomn (Guest) 28 April 2012, 08:12

you mean occupied Palestinian lands

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 28 April 2012, 07:57

"Well known perpetrators"??? We all know who they are. Who burns tires in Lebanon???

Thumb Captain 28 April 2012, 08:19

Someone on facebook said sarcastically that this tire burning is part of our culture and heritage. Most of the people in this country look down on Sri Lankans, Ethiopians and Philippians or any third world nationality and I doubt that they do the same in their countries. There is by far more culture and caring for this country in Sri Lanka than in Lebanon.

What a shame!!!

Missing undefined 28 April 2012, 10:54

way to go flamethrower, even when something that all sides can unite on pops up, you manage to politicize it by making a M14 is bad comment.

I'm no supporter of either camp. But in reply to your comment, no one hates persian culture. People hate when a certain country's government (be it Iran or US) tries to control their country's government. Don't mix politics and culture, it makes you look uneducated.

Thumb Captain 28 April 2012, 14:40

Lebanon is such a beautiful country. We had 35% of the land covered by trees and soon it will be down to 3%.

A couple of years back I went to Palm Islands hoping to watch the turtles and enjoy some bird watching. I was shocked to find that the turtles that used to come are dead due to the trash bags and I was so hurt to see Heroine needles in the water and empty water gallons all over the place and people were barbecuing and playing their hishik-bishik stupid ass music all over the place along with the narguileh. So I proceed back to Tripoli to complain at the office of the Ministry of Environment only to find that office was closed.

Why they copy a lot of stuff from the west and not their values and respect for nature?

Default-user-icon edy (Guest) 28 April 2012, 10:50

flamethrower: no one hates persian culture. people simply don't like being governed by an external state. Many educated and cultured iranians hate their dictatorial government.

Default-user-icon EX Lebanese and proud of it (Guest) 28 April 2012, 17:31

HAHAHAHA, no surprise here. Outrage that will amount to nothing. Sadly, all those who had a chance, left that country long ago. It is no longer our country, it was sold long ago. Wake up people, stop dreaming. You live in a poisonous place. Your meats are spoiled, your medicines are expired, your fuel is mixed with water, your people steal from each other, lie just to get ahead.

Default-user-icon Jihan khattar (Guest) 28 April 2012, 19:24

It is just heartbreaking! And with today's politicians in power Lebanese people feel completely helpless, all they can do is breath the toxic air!

Missing ulpianus 28 April 2012, 19:58


Default-user-icon Snatch (Guest) 28 April 2012, 21:43

Hizbollah thugs are behind cooperation with the Iranian embassy.
They are trying to empty the country and will bring in filthy s... from Iran.

Missing ulpianus 28 April 2012, 23:14

I feel the problem is in that we have a lot of people not feeling any "belonging" to this country. If you felt this country is your home, and you love it and its people you would not do such a thing.

Thumb Captain 29 April 2012, 07:37

And plus there is no system that holds these people accountable. For example, I went to two governmental places this week and right under the sign of no smoking they were smoking. Some people park their cars in the place of two and drive in the wrong direction. When will they get rid of these habits?