One Person Wounded as Syrian Forces Open Fire at Skiers in Mount Hermon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Lebanese man was wounded on Monday when Syrian troops opened fire at skiers in Mount Hermon in the Rashayya district, reported the National News Agency.

It said that Antoine al-Hajj was shot in the shoulder, while three of his companions were left unhurt in the incident.

The Red Cross immediately reached the scene and transported al-Hajj to the government hospital in Rashayya.

Investigations are underway with his companions to determine the details of the incident.

This is not the first time that Syrian troops open fire towards the Lebanese border.

Shooting incidents have frequently been reported in the border area of al-Qaa in the North where Syrian troops had repeatedly infiltrated the area in pursuit of what it called “armed terrorist groups”.

On April 9, Al-Jadeed TV cameraman Ali Shaaban was killed when the car he was travelling in along with two of his colleagues in the Wadi Khaled area came under fire from the Syrian side of the border.

His two colleagues escaped with their lives, with one reporter being lightly wounded in the arm.

Syrian blamed the “terrorist gangs” for the murder.

Lebanon and Syria share a 330-kilometer border but have yet to agree on official demarcation.

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Thumb kesrweneh 30 April 2012, 15:08

Come on naharnet you can't be this bias !! The report said fire coming from Syria not Syrian troops! Why change the news? It might be the Assad forces as well as the salafis and the ekhwan

Default-user-icon Canadian Paul (Guest) 30 April 2012, 15:23

Tsk, tsk. How dare they? It should have said "when Syrian babies opened fire" or "when Syrian women opened fire". It's neutral this way.

Thumb bigsami 30 April 2012, 20:27

K....what part of 'world news' these past months stating that Assad has the borders fortified with his army to prevent anyone leaving/entering the country you missed? Nothing to do with naharnet being biased.

Missing helicopter 30 April 2012, 15:08

He was not supposed to have recreational sport when our sister regime is battling for survival. Solidarity with the regime requires all of us to be sensitive to their struggle and refrain from outdoor activities.

Thumb Chupachups 30 April 2012, 15:14

i say let israel build us a wall on the syrian border too!

Thumb lebneneh 30 April 2012, 16:48

Very bad taste my friend!

Thumb jabalamel 30 April 2012, 19:45

if he is your friend that you really have problems in your life

Thumb jabal10452 30 April 2012, 16:12

Shou aoulak hassouna? It must be the Zionists who did it, mooo?

Thumb jabalamel 30 April 2012, 19:46

sure...if your have march 14 supporter in your office, that it was a terrorist gang

Missing peace 30 April 2012, 21:38

if israel did half of what the syrians did so far to lebanon in a year they would have waged a war... but here they are silent and happy to see lebanese getting wounded or killed by a foreign army....

shame on them!

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 01 May 2012, 03:18

Where is Nasrallah to protect Lebanese from foreign attack? But the Syrian brothers can attack and kill any Lebanese they want without a whimper from the divine one.