Berri Confirms Terrorist Group Entered Lebanon to Carry Out Political Assassinations

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Speaker Nabih Berri confirmed during Wednesday’s parliamentary meeting a list of politicians and figures targeted by extremist groups, describing the threat as serious and dangerous.

According to NBN, Berri called on security agencies to follow up the issue.

Local newspapers reported on Wednesday that international countries warned Lebanese officials that a terrorist group - linked to an extremist organization, has infiltrated the country recently to carry out “sabotage” operations.

According to As Safir newspaper, the information coincided with similar data obtained by Lebanese security agencies.

Speaker Nabih Berri and several other senior Lebanese officials might be the target of a security threat by the terrorist group.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea escaped an assassination attempt on April 4.

In January, security agencies urged Berri and Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat to take precautions as they might be the target of an assassination plot.

On Tuesday, al-Joumhouria newspaper reported that the security agencies succeeded in the past few days in uncovering a terrorist network with local, Arab, and European links.

It said that the confessions of one of the detainees led to the arrest of Sunni Islamist Shadi al-Mawlawi, a development which sparked armed clashes in the northern city of Tripoli over the weekend.

The General Security detained in Tripoli last week Hamza Mahmoud Tarbey whose confessions led to al-Mawlawi’s arrest, according to the daily.

The six-member network includes three Lebanese individuals and a national from each of Qatar, Palestine, and Jordan.

Military Tribunal Judge Saqr Saqr had charged on Monday al-Mawlawi and the five other network members with forming an armed terrorist group and undermining the authority of the state, as well as having links to the al-Qaida.

He later issued an arrest warrant against al-Mawlawi.

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Thumb kesrweneh 16 May 2012, 08:49

How did naharnet link this news to geagea movie a few weeks ago!!? the terrorist group is his ally as he continuously states so why would they try and kill him and in that case why would they want to kill berri and jumblat also?? who writes those bills?

Default-user-icon allan (Guest) 16 May 2012, 09:28

what are international countries--the expression makes no sense--international countries do not exist--there are western countries or foreign governments--the expresion weakens the entire article

Default-user-icon arash (Guest) 16 May 2012, 12:21

lebanese lemmings follow their leaders blindly to civil war again, who cares?! live your life! prosper! you're both morally corrupt! 'slash'

Default-user-icon Rolfen (Guest) 16 May 2012, 12:51

Now maybe they'll get themselves to work on security inside the country.

Missing helicopter 16 May 2012, 15:07

Only 6 terrorists entering Lebanon? Lebanon has terrorists all over and many of them are in the form of political parties. Every armed person is a potential terrorist, disarm them all so we can deal effectively with the ones entering the country.

Default-user-icon John from Koura (Guest) 17 May 2012, 19:22

"Every armed person is a potential terrorist" Yes, but first we need to disarm your Israeli terrorist government.

Default-user-icon Sam (Guest) 16 May 2012, 17:36

Christans have throwen away the bibe , turned to idols , now the masonics will run, new world order in the making revelation in the making.

Missing muhammad_alomar 16 May 2012, 18:22

Berri is one of the biggest terrorists. May the curse of God be upon him and his followers. Oh God, please humiliate them.

Missing peace 16 May 2012, 18:43

nothing new in what berry is saying! aoun said it a few years ago before he prostituted his dignity to the hezb!
he clearly said that the day syria would retreat from lebanon they would keep sending islamist groups to destabilize the country...the first group they sent were fateh el islam...
oh! and what about the sunni extremists trained by hezbollah....
M8 supporters forgot that already?....

Default-user-icon Mowaten 2.0 (the improved version) (Guest) 16 May 2012, 22:27

If I give Berri the benefit of the doubt, it would be for one reason: March 8 politicians would be targets of this so-called terrorist within the country. It only makes it more obvious that the Lebanese government (read Hezbollah) is very eager at thwarting assassination attempts targeting March 8 leaders, but are very reluctant at doing so when the lives of March 14 politicians are involved. Stop the BS we all know who killed the martyrs that have gone since the beginning of this whole project.

Missing ulpianus 17 May 2012, 02:16

Good that The leader of Amal and closest ally of HEzb. with no illegal weopons in their hands is talkinng about terrorists...