Glowing Objects, Fiery Meteors Appear in Sky above Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Unidentified glowing objects, apparently meteors, appeared in the sky above several areas in Lebanon on Thursday, sparking astonishment among residents.

OTV reported that glowing objects were also sighted above the Lebanese-Israeli border and the Turkish-Syrian border.

Quoting astronomical sources, LBCI television said “according to the scientific explanation, the phenomenon of the glowing objects resulted from large meteorites.”

OTV described the phenomenon as a meteoric downpour.

LBCI said “glowing objects and fiery meteors appeared in the sky above the North, Marjeyuon and several Bekaa areas,” as MTV said “unidentified glowing objects, apparently meteors, appeared in the sky above the areas of Halat, Bsalim and Bikfaya.”

State-run National News Agency reported similar sightings in Akkar, Tripoli, the Bekaa, Byblos, Halat, Ashrafiyeh and Tyre, saying the objects were clearly visible.

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Thumb thefool 07 June 2012, 22:28

It's a sign our politicians should put their petty private interests and Go to the Circle Table of Discussion requested by the President of the Republic, and leave us, the people live our lives in freedom and peace.

We'll prosper on our own. Just let us be.

Missing ulpianus 07 June 2012, 22:32

Imagine a biiiiig meteor falling on the place during the meeting our politicians are planning.

I would start visiting the mosque and the church everyday!

Default-user-icon antoine (Guest) 08 June 2012, 00:35

ana ba3mil raheb 7abis

Default-user-icon Antoine (Guest) 07 June 2012, 23:05

@kamal1 If you reread the article you can see that it appeared over other countries!

Default-user-icon Bob (Guest) 07 June 2012, 23:23

A star with a luminous tail will rise from the east before his emergence(Imam Mahdi).

Missing peace 07 June 2012, 23:30

nice and funny bravo!

Missing servant-of-jesus 07 June 2012, 23:35


Thumb jabal10452 07 June 2012, 23:44

la la la ou la. Ento mannkon fehmin shi. What you are seeing is an experiment by this very bright lady:

Missing helicopter 08 June 2012, 00:35

Again we must leave Lebanon to accomplish something worthwhile
And if happened to accomplish something worthwhile in Lebanon they (out glorious leaders0 will find a way to get us to leave the country..... they only want sheep in Lebanon (political sheep or religious sheep).

Thumb benzona 08 June 2012, 00:11

According to elder people, it means "c'est un mauvais presage"... let's hope it isn't the announcement of an upcoming war.

Default-user-icon babakgh (Guest) 08 June 2012, 00:40

it is seen all over iran.

Thumb softkiller 08 June 2012, 00:48

كان ناقصنا غبار تتكمل :)

Thumb shab 08 June 2012, 01:16

It's probably Mehdi comming down to save the wothless 11

Default-user-icon AlfaSnakey (Guest) 08 June 2012, 01:40

Superman ?!

Default-user-icon لولو (Guest) 08 June 2012, 01:54

شفناه بالعراق وشوهد في الاردن وسوريا

Default-user-icon Toshty Fossala (Guest) 08 June 2012, 02:46

According to the March 14 hopeless hopefuls, this is an indication that the Dr. Geagea's prediction that the Assad regime MIGHT fall this year MIGHT materialize. But then, according to the same hopeless hopefuls, aka the late-blooming warriors, this same regime has already fallen 5742 times since 2005.

Default-user-icon khello (Guest) 08 June 2012, 03:15

well if you believe in the aliens conspiracy theory, there may be ships checking out their old space landing station in Baalbeck

Missing cedars 08 June 2012, 03:39

I am surprised we did not try to shoot at them.

Thumb normzz 08 June 2012, 16:00

hehe "cedars" hehe

Missing cedars 08 June 2012, 03:40

We have 60,000 rockets that can reach them. The only thing is for those objects not drop a nuclear object on us.

Default-user-icon majnoun (Guest) 08 June 2012, 10:50

Those 60,000 rockets hit the target intended 1 out of 25 times! "causing minimul material damage"

Default-user-icon unknown1 (Guest) 08 June 2012, 08:02

we saw that in iran and russia and azarbayjan sky.

Default-user-icon Corniche (Guest) 08 June 2012, 08:49

We saw it too. It was very obviously a green signal rocket.

Default-user-icon Rami (Guest) 08 June 2012, 10:46

"Quoting astronomical sources"... Are you kidding?
I am sure these sources are extremely reliable in Lebanon. What astronomical sources?
It also can be a "dead" satellite falling back to Earth, or as the Israeli newspaper said, it may be a russian test missile

Default-user-icon Panzer (Guest) 08 June 2012, 10:55

read the news its a Russian TOPOL missile that hit a target in Kazakhstan and what you saw was its 2 stages burning in the atmosphere

Default-user-icon smartestguyintheroom (Guest) 08 June 2012, 16:31

really? and is it going around the world first?

What a silly guy you are!

Default-user-icon george.stanboulieh (Guest) 08 June 2012, 15:03

ظاهرة الضوء في السماء حدثت عدة مرات في اوروبا وحول العالم شاهد الخبر والفيديو في الملحق، هل هي من الطبيعة او الانسان او من التقنيات خارج الفضاء­s­U­I
الضوء من حول العالم
لمشاهد الخبر والفيديو ابحث في اليوتيوب عن:

Spiral Lights

Thumb normzz 08 June 2012, 16:07

usa "jews" have a laser weapon ??

Missing beiruti_s 09 June 2012, 04:21

Correction: It was also seen in Palestine.

Missing beiruti_s 09 June 2012, 04:28

Asaf, stop trying to insert filthy "israel" in to everything. Get lost and dont post on our websites. Your not welcome. Go to your haaretz and the like and post there instead while you still can as all your zionist publications will be shut down together with your artifical state built on palestine and parts of syria. Better enjoy it while you still can.

Default-user-icon Caz (Guest) 10 June 2012, 18:30

we saw it in Cyprus whatever it was!!! Falling to earth then suddenly spinning and breaking up. We awaited little green men but none have arrived yet.