Nasrallah Says Hizbullah Missiles Can Hit All Vital Sites in Israel

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Thursday that the party’s missiles are now “capable of reaching vital targets inside Israel,” pointing out that the “Israelis themselves acknowledge Hizbullah’s missile power.”

In an interview with the Iranian television, Nasrallah added that the military capabilities of his group “cannot be compared to the previous phase,” describing Israel’s threats to attack Iran as “propaganda to blackmail the international community.”

According to the transcript of the interview published on the website of Iran’s Arabic-language Al-Alam satellite TV network, Nasrallah added: “We should thank Iran because it supported us in reaching our objectives,” warning of the “attempts of the United States to conspire against the revolutions and Islamic renaissance in the region.”

He also said that “Israel, the U.S. and some other Western countries along with certain Arab nations are seeking to topple Bashar Assad’s regime with the help of al-Qaida,” adding that such actions “prove that they are not seeking reforms in Syria.”

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Default-user-icon Mod (Guest) 15 June 2012, 21:54

Shut up

Missing samiam 15 June 2012, 22:23

For each missile sent out by HA, I am sure that the IDF will send 100 more. Again, talking from your underground bunker, doesn't breed confidence.

And since you are supposedly trying to preserve Lebanon's lands, what about protecting it from Syrian incursions? Hypocrisy, thy name in Nasrallah.

Default-user-icon achrafieh (Guest) 15 June 2012, 22:59

hope israel attack iran and hizb tomorrow ou khalsouna ba2a , shbi3na hakee

Default-user-icon hadaad (Guest) 15 June 2012, 23:00

Ya Sayiid Nasrallah, Come out of your rathole bunker so Mossad or Saudi intel take you out. Live by the sword and die soon by it.

Missing peace 16 June 2012, 00:47

youpiiii! baby is playing with his toys!

Thumb primesuspect 16 June 2012, 06:30

talking about toys, I think He's gay.

Thumb kanaandian 16 June 2012, 01:11

Nasrallah will be very busy. Fighting the Free Syrians in the North, the Zionist occupier in the South, and probably some Lebanese Sunnis in the Middle. Allah Yestor ya Nasrallah!

Default-user-icon بنانا ريبيبلك (Guest) 16 June 2012, 01:20

نصرالله في عز قوته كانت كلمته موزونه .. تغيرها الآن ينبيء بأنه يواجه مشاكل عويصه لم تعد تخفى على أحد

Default-user-icon Horus (Guest) 16 June 2012, 01:47

Come out where ever you are !!!

Default-user-icon Chloe (Guest) 16 June 2012, 02:47

That devil!!!

Default-user-icon juicy (Guest) 16 June 2012, 03:07

the jews will kill you if they had a chance , christians muslims and even jew... they dont care... they used u, to take away your only ally your only weapon ... idiots

Thumb beiruti 16 June 2012, 03:48

Let's see, the week started with this "dialogue" business, where Nasrallah wanted everyone to come together and form a consensus over building a strong state as the nation's salvation.
Then Syria crossed into Q'aa to plant mines and Hezbollah didn't say a word.
Then there was Hezbollah operatives serving arrest warrants in Dahyieh, the attempt at which caused gun fire, for which the LAF and ISF were not allowed in but were allowed to patrol the perimeter while Hezbollah addressed the issue of guns in the street.
Now Nasrallah is going on about his weapons and how he and Iran will use them on Israel etc etc etc and where in that discussion was first to reach a consensus at the dialogue table before using his weapons??
No discussion. As I said before this "dialogue" business is a terrible fraud, a fraud now exposed by Hezbollah itself

Thumb Chupachups 16 June 2012, 04:08

That hippo is a hypocrite !

Default-user-icon Leo (Guest) 16 June 2012, 04:10

What he didn't say..."look everybody, DON'T FOCUS ON WHAT HAPPENING IN THE NORTH! Pay no attention to Syrian's illegal preach of Lebanese soverienty! It's the Zionist, ZIONIST! I tell you."

Thumb primesuspect 16 June 2012, 06:34

He;s depressed. Hence he takes xanax... and puffing like he did is the typical side effect.

Missing cedars 16 June 2012, 06:46

Yes we know you have all the missiles, and guess what Saddam been there and done that with Launching Scud missiles to Israel, in the end you need and still missing the Air power simply because the IDF will flatten from the Air anything above Ground when you throw your rocks at them. Let's be smart about it and make peace with both Syrian/Israel under a condition of mutual respect to every meter of the land.

Default-user-icon Festo di Lente (Guest) 16 June 2012, 10:40

So guys, do you think Israel will win this time? How about the fall of the Assad regime? Will it fall again for the 5726th time? You might have to scratch hard those things sitting between your shoulders, or even better, same your energy and contact Dr. Samir Karakoz.

Thumb Marouni 16 June 2012, 11:04

I can't stand this guy as well as his ignorant supporters anymore. Only word they know is resistance yeah HA you did well in liberating the south in 2000 . But now we have 2012 !!! Lebanon isn't occupied but you still pretend to keep your Weapons to fight Israel . Ya ahmar your weapons will be the cause for any future weapons . Israel wouldn't care about Lebanon at all if there weren't your weapons. Any war you wage against Israel will completely destroy Lebanon , maybe you can hurt Israel a bit but their answer will be much more painful. Keep your position Nasrallah but you will see what happens. Don't think you can do what you want in Lebanon . Just talking about your weapons leads to Threats from Raad and co. Shame on you and I promise you in any future war you will be history just like to whole Lebanon and that only because of your arrogancy.

Default-user-icon observer (Guest) 16 June 2012, 12:09

in 2006 Israel warned Lebanon that this Iranian marionette will eventually be the destoryer of Lebanon, and he actually proved he can be. 6 years later, after ruining all south of Lebanon and Dahyieh, he's ready and all set to complete his mission - ruining the other half of the country...

Missing peace 16 June 2012, 12:54

how can one man decide of the fate of millions? how can a state allow a party to be armed by a foreign country? how can people accept that? seems his sheep followers do not believe in the state of lebanon but in the state of iranman...and they call themselves patriots... lol! what a farce.

Default-user-icon Kamal (Guest) 16 June 2012, 12:56

This guy is perfectly executing the zionist scheme. Such speeches are much awaited from zionist, they use them in their "victime who has the right of defense" propaganda. Some days ago Israeli media talked about the increasing power of Hezbollah, and here our "Lebanese" defender comes to confirm their says. They work in perfect harmony to build a solid reason for destroying our poor country.

Default-user-icon Elibaba (Guest) 16 June 2012, 14:07

remember people that this man has sacrificed his son and all his life for Lebanon to be free from any Israeli aggression. i would not wont to live his life for ignorant people like. Heroes always remembered when they die.

Default-user-icon Fendi Giuppa (Guest) 16 June 2012, 15:23

This is one more reason for March 14 to revolt and see how quickly they can remove the Hezb's arms that are directed towards the interior. As to which interior, well, that's a different story altogether. Enough is enough!

Missing sergio 16 June 2012, 16:01

where are all the M8 loosers, they only bark at ghosts. bunch of hypocrites. like their turban head master above.

Thumb normzz 16 June 2012, 17:36

As much as i am m8 sympathiser ,i agree that the hezb should not be the one giving orders in our country ,and fighting other countries wars from our land,not only iran but Palestine cause shouldn't be our problem.and you dont need to be Einstein to work out where lebanon is headed .it dosnt look good from any angle,and unfortunately "i believe"lebanon is not taken seriously from the outside world without hezballah. So i think if hezb was to "GO" then 100% we are going to be occupied by another country because israel wants to secure its border and it dosnt have faith in the leb army ,and i think being occupied is worse then where we r now.All lebanese politicians ,none of them have a solution for lebanon to prosper all there ideas will fail.and in lebanon you can not please everyone.its impossible.

Thumb extramildcake 17 June 2012, 11:06

There are 32 Palestinian camps in Lebanon filled with refugees with no identification or future prospects. How is the Palestinian issue not also our issue? Iran is not our issue, okay. Egypt is not our issue. But these countries that border us (Palestine and Syria) are so intertwined in our country that they are definitely our issues.

Thumb normzz 17 June 2012, 17:42

I think we have paid enough for the palestinian cause. with syria theres not much we can do . im against the killing of innocent people but am against bringing down a leader if he is trying to bring calm to his country where others are trying to destroy it,in saying that if the majority of syrians dont want bashar,then he should go. but lebanon is going to be like a lost child in a foreign country.

Default-user-icon Lebanon-First (Guest) 16 June 2012, 18:21

to Normzz117: if it wasn't for Hezb or Palestinian WEAPONS, Israel has no business in Lebanon. Golan is strategic for them, south lebanon is not. But we are the smartest people on earch: let's keep sacrificing Lebanon for the well being of Iran and Syria <sarcasm>

For God sake, let Iran and Syria liberate Golan and leave us alone.

You know the definition of a person who accepts weapons from another country, to deliver on another country's objectives? Traitor. This is the highest form of treason.

Peace ...

Thumb normzz 18 June 2012, 11:33

what do you think would have happened in 2006 if the hezb didnt have weapons ? if israel could have occupied in 2006 then they would have,and anyone who thinks or says different is naive. the israelies want us to do what they want,and if hezballah wasnt a reality then we would have no choice. im not 100% with the hezb,but im definetly not against them. Who do you think was behind 99.9% of the assassinations in lebanon? regardless of my politics you would have to be a complete idiot if you thought israel wasnt behind them.Lets face it,the mossad do things in this world that we would never expect . do you know how much jews hate christians ? all i can say is id rather be occupied by iraq then by israel.

Thumb beiruti 16 June 2012, 19:15

@normzz117, so you see the problem clearly. Hezbollah is armed, but it is not armed for the purpose of defending Lebanon from occupation or any other harm. It is armed for the sake of projecting Iranian power against Israel and for no other purpose. Otherwise, Nasrallah would turn control of the weapons over to the Lebanese Government that could use them to defend the nation's territory.
The weapons therefore do not provide the Lebanese with security at all. They provide Iran with security.

Missing ulpianus 16 June 2012, 19:40

For hells sake. Stop Tickleing israel in its nose...

Default-user-icon Shi3i (Guest) 17 June 2012, 01:56

حزب الله في القلوب والارواح
حزب الله في الكيان و الوجدان
حزب الله انسانيّة الانسان
فمن يُريد ان يحُدّه بحدود او مكان
او يقيّده بوقت او زمان
سيُصبحُ بلا شك في خبر كان
هيهات منّا الذلّة

Default-user-icon Ali (Guest) 17 June 2012, 01:56

كل شي عند العرب
مكتوب عليه صنع في الصين
الا العزة والكرامة
... ... ... .
فهي صنعت في لبنان

يا نصر الله

Missing cedars 17 June 2012, 03:58

Any Country in the world threatens its neighbor the way this idiot does it? simply no, The guy who revealed that Israel has nukes received prison sentence because he revealed their secret, if the idiot has scud missiles then shut-up and when they harm you then you can show them your muscles. If you are trying to bark to scare them, they are going to find a way and mean to take care of you same as when the mossad were in west beirut for the longest time prior to their invasion in 1982 when their planes hit accurate targets.

Thumb normzz 17 June 2012, 07:40

Its better to squeeze someone with intimadation and threat then use of full force and risk everything . .

Default-user-icon GEORGE (Guest) 17 June 2012, 04:25

Israel can destroy Lebanon so he should be careful before he does a provocation

Thumb normzz 18 June 2012, 14:58

GEORGE (Guest they have wanted to get rid of hezb for years,so why didnt they in 2006?

Missing forces 17 June 2012, 08:13

make no mistake the only thing holding back israel from anniliating hezb and lebanon ' if it wanted to' is the international community. To have these armed monkeys at its doorstep making threats in the name of iran with total disregard for the governments own policy and position on the issue give the israelis one more excuse to exercise their military force. These guys are acting like north korea does towards the south, and we know the south can blow these guys off the planet, as the international community we side with the south as they will be deemed to be acting in self defense. Same applies here, hezb is much more of a hinderance than a deterant. The is NO case to support hezb or for them to hold onto ther weapons period.

Missing nickvegas 17 June 2012, 08:46

If they have the ability to attack isreael they will and they wont have specch about they can bring wreak havoc to isreael.

Its kind of brief to his supporter but we all know in real life will be disaster to lebanon.Hezib is killing our brain our soul they control our life and future/

Default-user-icon LF (Guest) 18 June 2012, 22:45

what is this idiot waiting for? talk talk no action, what a retard