Suleiman Holds Talks on Bilateral Ties with Bahraini King Hamad

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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President Michel Suleiman traveled to Bahrain on Tuesday as part of his efforts to convince the leaderships of four Gulf countries to review their travel advisories to Lebanon.

He held talks with King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa on bilateral ties and the situation in the Middle East.

They stressed the importance of activating the work of diplomatic missions between Lebanon and Bahrain.

The Bahraini monarch then threw a luncheon banquet in the president’s honor before he returned to Beirut.

Suleiman was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Samir Moqbel.

The president has already travelled to Kuwait, the UAE and Qatar to urge the officials there to review their decisions.

But following his trip to Abu Dhabi earlier in the month, the UAE renewed its warning that citizens should avoid travel to Lebanon at the present time for their safety.

The warnings of the four Gulf countries came after deadly clashes in Beirut and the northern port city of Tripoli.

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Missing rami 26 June 2012, 08:46

What a shame, a Head of State going to beg others to come this summer. Everything is fine here mafi chi e3nna. Travel agents in most Gulf countries have reported very high numbers of cancellations to Lebanon.
Too late Mr. President, the damage is already done and Ramadan starts in less than one month...

Default-user-icon Kalkan Balphas (Guest) 26 June 2012, 11:10

I agree with the Gulf states, Lebanon has become a rogue state and needs to understand that its decisions have consequences on the world stage. Gulf Arabs don't want to see guns when they visit. If Suleiman wants tourists, all he's gotta do is DISARM HIZBIRAN and get rid of ALL OTHER ILLEGITIMATE ARMS

Default-user-icon guest4now (Guest) 26 June 2012, 13:29

thanks to hizballah and aoun for keeping our country on the edge - one with their weapons and the other with his constant threats. nothing good has come out of this one sided government. No power , no tourists , economy in deep trouble for a long time and el habal 3al jarar.

Thumb lebneneh 26 June 2012, 14:40

He's not going there for tourism...why are you sarcastic?

Thumb lebneneh 26 June 2012, 16:29

oh i meant to say that he is not going there on vacation. i know he is going there to try to help the tourism industry.

Thumb lebneneh 26 June 2012, 14:45

I feel sorry for Sulieman...I respect that he is trying to help the Tourism industry which is a big income source for Lebanon but he doesn't have a case. Kidnapping, bank robberies, militia clashes, border incursions...Lebanon is not ideal for tourist! We Lebanese deserve what's happening to us. We are so ready to fight and blame each other for the benefit of others. The only way to move forward with this country is when we understand that respecting and protecting the fellow Lebanese, no matter how different in politics sect or religion they are, is the number one priority of any true Lebanese.

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 26 June 2012, 16:12

he should point out to the Bahraini regime that Bahrainis are actually safer in lebnon than they are in their own country..How many Bahrainis got killed in lebanon 2011? How many were killed in Bahrain?

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 26 June 2012, 17:03

the gulf countries know very well whom they are sending to lebanon
if they do not send their tourists we should send back their fanatics

Default-user-icon Jack (Guest) 26 June 2012, 17:45

what's with the holding hands? did anyone even notice that?

Default-user-icon love story (Guest) 26 June 2012, 19:03

are they holding hands!!

Default-user-icon sawasiya (Guest) 26 June 2012, 19:14

Suleiman Holds Hands with Bahraini King Hamad

Default-user-icon free citizen (Guest) 26 June 2012, 19:45

arab tourists are coming to Dubai, temperature is 45 degrees and the city is full, what a shame a country like Lebanon is out of business , i know some brain washed people will say it's a conspiracy

Default-user-icon Immigrant (Guest) 26 June 2012, 20:25

Are they holding hands? Seriously!!! May be he's going there for none of the reasons stated above...
On a more serious note, if the role of the president has become to promote tourism while the country is going through all sorts of trouble... There's something really wrong in this country. We'll ther has always been but it's really getting worse by the minute... And our people are busy smoking argile and hopping from one club to the other. Really embarrassing!!!

Default-user-icon Paul (Guest) 26 June 2012, 21:13

That's like begging your friends to visit your house in spite of constant arguing and fighting in your home. Yes - a very pleasant house to visit. I'm sure Greece would be more than happy to accomodate them and their yachts. Lebanon has shown they are a small country not just in size but in mentality and politics. You have to change yourselves before you can change your country. Stop the Hizb mentality and join the rest of the modern world. Time for new religions that don't believe in violence or distancing themselves from other people. The world has already given up on you Lebanon in case you haven't noticed, so keep fighting amongst yourselves, stay distracted while other societies flourish.

Missing thatisit 26 June 2012, 21:41

yes come to lebnenwe have it everything you want. we have a party that can start a war with at any time the iranian tell them to go for it, we have aoun the crazy ex general and we have the sun , the sea and the bikini girls roaming our sewage infected beaches but sorry we got no electricity because baby bassil is working a deal out and that might take few hundred years ..just come and spend your money -- we are the paris of the east ..

Thumb jabal10452 27 June 2012, 00:44

Awwww... How sweet these two look hand in hand...